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    Canon instant cameras on the way?

    it was more of a joke. But seriously, the printer part is probably technically the part that uses most of the space. So, it's a printer, and they put in a camera (like those you find in a smart phone).
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    Canon instant cameras on the way?

    Maybe more like a printer with a built in camera ;-)
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    Dynamic range comparison between the EOS RP, EOS 6D Mark II and EOS R

    Yes, indeed. One has to boycott this. It's slower than reading text, it uses more bandwidth, and uses more energy.
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    The benefits of the large diameter of the EOS R’s RF mount explained

    from the single lens formula just calculate it: f/2: 35mm/2 = 17.5mm diameter. f/1 lens: 35mm diameter...
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    5 axis IBIS coming to next Canon EOS R series camera [CR2]

    Probably has been said before: IBIS makes much more sense for RF: - IS in lenses stabilises the image in the viewfinder. That argument falls away with mirrorless, no more viewfinder image to stabilise. - The RF mount is made so as to allow fast lenses, like the new 50mm f1.2. But this has no IS...
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    Patent: Canon speedbooster for EOS M

    hmm, if this makes it to the market, it could mean that Canon sees no reason to make specialised fast lenses for EOS-M, just get the booster and slap an EF lens on. But how long will EF lenses live, when RF takes of ....
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    Canon to use a Sony image sensor in an upcoming APS-C ILC body? [CR1]

    Maybe Canon bought a couple of Sony chips to try them and play around, and compare with the competition. Maybe the "source" saw some chips somewhere, or saw that Canon bought some from Sony. But I would also think it unlikely that they would end up in any mirrorless. Maybe in some Powershot.
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    Deal: Samyang 8mm f/3.5 HD Fisheye $145 (Reg $279)

    On crop sensors, the image will fill the frame completely. On 1.5x crop, it's supposed to give a 180 degree diagonal angle of view. Since Canon is 1.6x crop, it's supposed to give about 167 degree diagonal angle of view. It's a great fun lens, but maybe you have to adjust to focus, i.e. focus...
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    At least two new EOS M cameras coming in 2019 [CR2]

    I agree that Olympus is expensive, and that's why Canon EF-S is attractive. But the discussion is about the future, long term viability of the two mounts, when all is mirror-less, and dSLRs are gone. I think we all agree that in the future all EF lenses will eventually be RF lenses. But with...
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    At least two new EOS M cameras coming in 2019 [CR2]

    As I specifically mentioned previously, I'm talking about the future, when all is mirror-less. Now I'm indeed fine with EF-S/EF on dSLR.
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    At least two new EOS M cameras coming in 2019 [CR2]

    Exactly, who says that someone who wants a small light system does not want some more "advanced" lenses? After all, if you look at m4/3, they have a much larger lens line-up than EOS-M, and I presume people buy all these lenses. Or maybe Canon wants me to switch to m4/3 or Fuji? Anyway...
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    At least two new EOS M cameras coming in 2019 [CR2]

    That's not the way it's working. On FF you have tons of EF lenses to choose from to cover all needs. On the Rebels/Crop cameras, you have only a limited selection of EF-S lenses. I choose deliberately only crop cameras due to weight/size. I am happy with the EF-S lenses. But I also do have a few...
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    Is there an EOS R series camera with an APS-C sensor coming? [CR1]

    Yes, wide-angle lenses will be simpler with the shorter flange distance. A 24mm lens on a 45mm flange would need a retrofocus design, which falls away with a 20mm flange distance. The image circle is another issue. For long lenses it doesn't matter much (front lens dictates the physics), but...
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    Is there an EOS R series camera with an APS-C sensor coming? [CR1]

    Pondering over this problem, I do think that Canon will develop RF-S (RF APC). At present, Canon just wants to take away the pressure that has been building up from the Sony mirrorless (and Nikon) FF. FF is still upmarket, so they offer big and expensive lenses that showcase the potential of...
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    Is there an EOS R series camera with an APS-C sensor coming? [CR1]

    Yes, for the barrel it would need a redesign, but the optics could be the same. Even with the 18mm flange distance (which is shorter than the 20mm flange of the RF mount), the lenses could stick a little into the RF mount, exactly like EF-S lenses stick into the EF mount. The back lens elements...