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    RIP Chuck Westfall

    Very, very sad news. We’ll remember you forever, Chuck. Rest In Peace.
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    SIGMA Announces the 14mm F1.8 DG HSM Art Series Lens

    Re: SIGMA 14mm F1.8 DG HSM Introducing the World’s First and Only F1.8 Ultra-Wide-Angle Lens It's "Low Dispersion" actually, not "Low Distortion". The Sigma claim that the FLD glass has a performance equal to fluorite glass seems a bit exaggerated to me, I strongly doubt it's actually "equal"...
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    Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Spec List [CR1]

    You're probably missing one Digic chip. 1D and 7D series, as well as 5Ds/r are dual Digic, whereas 5D, 5DMk2 and 5DMk3 are single Digic so, most probably, the 5DMk4 will be single Digic, too. In addition, there might be reasons other than processing power for limiting the burst speed to approx 7...
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    Sigma Finally Ready to Enter the Cinema Lens Market?

    Lots of rumors from Sigma lately. Unfortunately, not so many from Canon... :(
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    New member in our family

    Hey! This is a rumors site, you made an announcement instead. You should have anticipated it by some [DR3] rumor... Congratulations!!! 8) p.s. sorry for mentioning DR despite your warning, of course it's not about dynamic range :)
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    A New Full Frame Zoom Coming in 2016 [CR2]

    I've already said this in another thread, but I'll repeat it: it's amazing, astounding, incredible how much a thread on CR becomes entertaining as soon as it derails from the original topic. Let's do it more often! ;D I'm confused, I thought the opposite, some time ago the internet said a...
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    A New Full Frame Zoom Coming in 2016 [CR2]

    Relax :) , and thank God you don't need a Lens Hood ET-155WII: it's $ 700 at B&H, $ 880 ( :o :o 0 !!!!!) + $ 96 for the lens cap at the Canon store. >:( Better take care of your hood if you have a big big white...
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    Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Being Tested by Photographers

    I know, some like this feature. Not many, but to someone it's useful. Mine was a semi-serious/semi-sarcastic comment. But, what about removing the card and inserting it in a card reader or straight into the printer? Wouldn't it be more convenient? I admit I don't remember if the old Selphys have...
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    Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Being Tested by Photographers

    A Canon Explorer of Light told me the EOS 5D Mark IV will bring the Direct Print Button back again. It won't be customizable, it will only do direct print. It will be bigger than the others, and backlit. Now that's THE FEATURE, the one which will seriously hurt the 1DX II sales. Yay! Who cares...
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    Canon EF 400mm f/5.6L IS Mentioned [CR1]

    +1! And, last but not least, price. Whatever it may cost, it will be much less than the 100-400. For all those who are going to use the 100-400 at the long end most of the time, and eventually own the super-nice 70-300 L, a 400 L IS would be a nice addition to the bag.
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    Patent: Canon EF 28-560mm f/2.8-5.6

    The patent also indicates F-number = 5.88 at the long end, resulting in a 92mm front element by the same math. "Narrow" enough to accomodate 95mm filters. Or no filter thread at all, but a drop-in holder and built-in hood in which case this could be an "L" lens. If this patent really represents...
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    DPReview reviews the D810... two years after release

    Ah, ok. But such a thing would greatly deteriorate IQ, unless alien technology is employed.
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    DPReview reviews the D810... two years after release

    I'm not familiar with mirrorless, but... I suppose a twitching iris should be there in any case, shouldn't it? Whatever, count me in those 2... or 20 million buyers. 3 years ago I was about to get the Fujifilm X-100s, but used that money to finance the purchase of the TS-E 24mm instead, because...
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    A New Full Frame Zoom Coming in 2016 [CR2]

    ??? ? He's talking about the optional tripod ring of the 70-300 L, what do the 70-300 non-L and 5Ds/sr have to do with a tripod collar?
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    DPReview reviews the D810... two years after release

    ... and DPReview still hasn't reviewed the camera obscura since the 4th century B.C.!!! :o