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    Canon EOS 90D Specification List [CR1]

    I meant more in the sense that we're certainly a 1yr+ from a 5DV, and Canon doesnt traditionally use firmware to upgrade major features (like 4k60), so itd be odd for a 90D to be on market for a year before any canon full-frame does it. Though I guess if a pro R model did it, that'd cover their...
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    Canon EOS 90D Specification List [CR1]

    Im not sure I buy 4k60 existing in the DSLR line at only the 1DXII and 90D level. Unless they are gonna put out a 5D upgrade to 60fps, just seems counter to how Canon does segmentation. I could believe that the SL3 and xxxD cameras get 4k/24 or 30, and the 90D got 4k/60 if its something they had...
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    Canon registers a 32.5mp APS-C DSLR in Taiwan

    @malarcky I mean, I've shot Canon for the last decade. First on their DV cams, then on an XF, before moving to the 50D, 60D, and now 80D. My office also had Canon camcorders in that time. For my personal work I also briefly owned an a7R (hated it, mostly) and a GH2 (amazing video with the...
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    Canon registers a 32.5mp APS-C DSLR in Taiwan

    I guarantee you you've watched movies shot on a GH4 or a7III and didnt even realize it. This isnt cell phone video...Panasonic in particular is a widely praised implementation of 4k. Canon has long had DSLR video problems. Their 1080 was soft compared to their competitors, and now they are...
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    Canon registers a 32.5mp APS-C DSLR in Taiwan

    Wouldnt count on it. Canon released the M50, R, RP, and SL3 all with DIGIC 8, all with video crops. It's clearly not a function of sensor size or anything, they just cant (or wont) deliver 4k without crop. This camera will 100% have a crop factor in 4k on top of 1.6x from APS-C. Im not sure how...
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    Canon Inc. releases Q1 2019 financial results

    The problem with this theory is that EF-M isnt compatible with RF. So, an M50 user who wants to upgrade is suddenly trapped with equipment whose value has dropped significantly since purchasing (down >20% since launch 1 year ago), and whose pathway to full-frame is actually cheaper to go to Sony...
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    Is a brand new 32.5mp APS-C sensor from Canon on the way? [CR1]

    Well... The 7DII shoots ~10fps, though far from an unlimited RAW buffer. A new x0D might not even match that, and will take another iteration at least to reach that (so, maybe by 2022-ish?) I'll be kind and say Canon saw about a stop high ISO noise reduction between the 60D and 80D (in ~6...
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    All new 24mp sensor coming to the next Canon ILC’s [CR1]

    Unfortunately, that's not what Canon cropped 4k has given us. Considering you start with a 1.6x crop in APS-C to begin with, there's really no justification for Canon not to give non-cropped video aside from their processor capability not being able to handle it. Which, considering the R, RP...
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    Preorder: Canon EOS Rebel SL3

    Actually, being a pessimist might be useful for what this means for future Canon releases and "4k". The EOS R and RP, both Digic 8 cameras, can only do 4k with massive crops. Likewise for the M50 that originated the Digic8. There's no reason to believe Digic 8 can handle non-cropped 4k or that...
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    The Canon EOS Rebel SL3/200D II/250D/Kiss X10 is coming very soon. Images & specifications leak ahead of the official announcement

    There's actually a little counter-intuitive element here, but, actually, yes they will be. But not because they actually'll be because the online review site or the Best Buy tech guy told them about it. The entry level models are carried at those kinds of stores for a reason, and the...
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    The Canon EOS Rebel SL3/200D II/250D/Kiss X10 is coming very soon. Images & specifications leak ahead of the official announcement

    Thing is, the "differentiating" factor of the SL series is its size. They should have left it with no swivel screen and kept it as the absolute smallest camera with which you can shoot an APS-C Canon sensor. Then the xxxD series is swivel screen, better AF, better battery, and a few little...
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    The Canon EOS Rebel SL3/200D II/250D/Kiss X10 is coming very soon. Images & specifications leak ahead of the official announcement

    Looking forward to seeing how they cripple it to protect their 90D. Will it be like the EOS RP and not have 1080/24? Will it not have any 60fps rates?
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    The rest of 2019 for Canon will be about updating dated product lines [CR2]

    For it to retail at the same price as the RP, it'll definitely need a few major updates. 4k the bare minimum (and with no DPAF or crop limitations), the competitors all do 1080/120 too, but I doubt Canon matches that. AF system will need more points and a better spread. Probably need to bump...
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    Opinion: Canon EOS R with the Atomos Ninja V = Baby Canon C200!

    Especially since Canon doesnt make a native audio connection like Sony and Panasonic do for their latest cameras. An EOS-R with something like Panasonic's DMW-XLR1 would get a lot closer (though then it still lacks the ND, etc). Also, Cinema RAW is another BIG difference
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    Canon publishes a paper discussing a new 3.4 μm pixel pitch global shutter CMOS image sensor with dual in-pixel charge domain memory

    And look at what the Sony rumor for the a7IIIS is: global shutter. Blackmagic does it in their Ursa cameras, so, it makes sense for a video-oriented mirrorless camera.