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    Railway odds and ends...

    California Zephyr, Winter Park, Colorado
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    Railway odds and ends...

    Grand Canyon Railway Alco Northern Pacific Mikado, 2-8-2 Missing the Main Rod Awaiting restoration.
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    Post your Panoramics!

    Barcelona from Park Güell
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    Post photos of other photographers in action

    An old friend, now deceased, against a blazing sky.
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    Show your Bird Portraits

    Two Florida natives: Limpkin and black vulture Maribou Stork from the Animal Kingdom Lodge savannas.
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    Your best Architectural & City B&W shots?

    Tour Maine-Montparnasse, Paris
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    Rural Landscapes

    Barn Near Panoche Hills, Central California
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    Seashore, Beaches and Harbours

    Early morning arrival in Gibraltar.
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    Seashore, Beaches and Harbours

    Red Boats Cobh, Ireland
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    Total Lunar Eclipse - #1 of 4 - April 2014

    Lunar Eclipse Composite. 6D, 70-300 @300mm, f16. Kept shutter speed at 1 second or faster. Longer exposures had some Moon edge blurring. ISO varied from 100 to 2500.
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    Lightroom: How to manage different aspect ratio cuts

    Marsu42, I watched this the other day. Maybe it will help since Lightroom can have several processes working at the same time.
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    Post Your Best Landscapes

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    Post Your Best Landscapes

    Zion National Park in March 2014
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    Stars above.

    Zion National Park. The Watchman stands near the entrance to the park above the town of Springdale which lends its lights the the mountain. 4:30am, 6D. 30 sec, f4.5, ISO400, 28mm (24-105)
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    BIRD IN FLIGHT ONLY -- share your BIF photos here

    California Gulls inland on the American River, Sacramento