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    18-135 STM vs USM

    Now I've figured out the nano-USM is the one to go for, I agree with the general consternation, however here's the grey prices: nano STM...
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    18-135 STM vs USM

    cheers I can buy the USM for £249 and the STM for £259, so essentially no difference. I'm just hesitant as nano-USM is relatively "new" and every time I've dragged my heels on new-tech I've been rewarded by better reliability and longevity. i.e. keep away from the bleeding edge.
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    18-135 STM vs USM

    My wife uses my old 30D and an 18-55. Recently the lens has stopped working it's aperture so if it tries to shoot anything other than wide open the camera throws an error 99. I could pull the lens apart and try and fix it.. but it's old, and there's no IS. So we're thinking a new lens is in...
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    Canon Asking Select Professionals What They Want in a Mirrorless Camera

    I've proposed this in the past. Wireless charging of the screen from the camera, even if it's only got half an hour battery with the screen illuminated it could be days without the screen on, dual function as a remote intervalometer. By doing a dedicated screen the link speed, reliability and...
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    Canon Rumors Turns 10 Years Old

    I see I'm late to the party, Congratulations.. here's to another 10! Also love neuroanatomists cake!
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    It's Time to Vote on Your Favourite Gear From Canon in 2017

    depends how you look at the page. I'm not going to spill the beans, I'll just leave it to everyone to guess what's got 74% of the vote.
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    HDMI Forum Releases Version 2.1 of the HDMI Specification, Supports 10K

    did you mean B or b.. there's almost an order of magnitude difference. 480Mbps doesn't strike me as that fast. Anyway, IMHO at about 3~6Gbps (400~800MBps) you start picking up other costs.. as most of the cheap materials/connectors used in the electronics industry become too lossy. (though...
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    Proper way to store lens

    Always store stuff below 60% RH, above that and fungus can grow. You can get indicator cards like this...
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    HDMI Forum Releases Version 2.1 of the HDMI Specification, Supports 10K

    My first thought is "good god.. how are they going to implement that". I've just implemented a board with DDR3L and JESD204 on it and that was bad enough. I'm guessing everyone should buy shares in Rogers Corp.
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    Which laptop is best for Lightroom?

    I too have been looking for a "photo editing laptop" recently. For my specs the prices have been too high.. but falling... so I'll probably buy in 2018. My specs are currently ideally 17" screen. 100% (or very near) sRGB or better. (many decent IPS monitors are now achieving this, but you...
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    Southern Italy

    Thanks for posting.. brings back many happy memories from our honeymoon there. I'll always remember the colours... everything was just so much more vibrant than we're used to in the UK.
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    New Unreleased Canon Gear Has Appeared for Certification

    We've had 3 new 50mm lenses this Millenium. You can't honestly expect them to release any more? PS you know the 1.4 was released the same year as the original Jurassic park.... so it's as old as a bunch of dinosaurs.
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    DIY Carbon fiber hood for Canon 300/2,8L (non is)

    CF can be immensely strong, just look at how much less of a death trap F1 cars became when it was introduced. These days when the cars come together they're either unscathed, or broken. You don't get bent bits like you did years ago. So long a Canon put enough layers in then it should be bomb...
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    Canon Patent: New Rear Screen Concept for DSLRs

    intersting. I have the mousepad on my laptop set to "plain vanilla", no pinch, no tap, just plain move the pointer. I find my fingers always judder across touch screens so they then think I'm clicking everything and go uttely bonkers...