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    Lightroom 5.7 - Is it working for you?

    After upgrading to 5.7 it crashed twice ... maybe it has something do with the large catalog I was working on (I have over 98000 photos in a single catalog), but it never crashed on 5.6 ... hence the single vote for option 3. But it is working without any further crashes for the past few days...
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    R.I.P Metz Speedlites.

    Too bad ... cheaper labour in China is putting pressure on German manufacturers, who pay living wages.
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    Gets the Job Done....Every Time

    Agree with the general consensus here ... as long as the photographer is satisfied with the gear he/she uses, the brand name really does not matter. I recently started using Sony mirrorless cameras & lenses most of the time, as I really like the small form factor, which makes it very convenient...
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    A Rundown of EOS 7D Mark II Information

    :-\ hmm, if these specs are true, it does not sound exciting.
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    When does the year of the lens start?

    Yes, you missed it ... we all did ;D
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    4K Video Capture Coming to the EOS 5D Mark IV? [CR1]

    5D MK IV with 4K, sounds good to me ... it opens up a lot of creative cropping options in video mode in PP, for me and still end up with full HD footage.
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    Goodbye Canon 5d mk III- I loved you, but need to move on!

    Seriously :o ::) :o ::) ... when people feel compelled to post their unhealthy "love affairs", like this, about things, they are desperately in need of some human contact or need to see a shrink ... in this guy's/girl's case, he/she needs both. ;D
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    A Summary of Sigma Lens Rumors

    24mm ART lens sounds very tempting.
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    The Always Hidden Camera at the World Cup

    ;D ... by the way I cover the brand name on all of my 3 Sony cameras with a black electrical tape :-[
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    DigitalRev review of the new 16-35 L IS

    Count on Kai to do a Suarez ;D As to the "negative" comments on the video, one has to understand that, this is Kai' way of promoting Digitalrev and he does it very successfully ... despite being located in Hongkong, Digitalrev has excellent sales from all over the world, largely due to Kai's...
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    How dare you sir! Don't you know that reasoning is not a virtue in these kind of forums ;D
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    First post on this forum - Birds from Churchill, MB

    Very nice pics Glenn ... welcome to CR!
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    EOS 7D Replacement & Telephoto Lens in September [CR3]

    Re: EOS 7D Replacement & Telephoto Lens in September [CR3] Your expectations are very low ... along with the "popcorn maker and cheese grater" I also want an integrated coffee maker. ;D :D
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    Quality lens system for lightweight travel

    I understand what you are saying ... but I was not saying the the dimensions provided by are incorrect, however they are misleading in the way they display the sizes by just giving one dimensional view. Also, I shoot with FF DSLRs (2 of them) and a 70D ... I have owned numerous...
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    Quality lens system for lightweight travel

    Those camera size comparisons are very misleading ... in reality there is a significant difference in the space that a 6D+24-70 f/4 & a7+24-70 f/4 occupy in the camera bag. In the space that 6D+24-70 f/4 occupies I can fit in an a7+a6000 cameras and 24-70+10-18mm lenses.