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    Another Canon EOS R series body mentioned [CR2]

    I'm quite happy with my 5D4 but would look for equivalent mirrorless from Canon, incl. good ergonomics. Main reason I would switch from current camera to mirrorless would be lack of the need to calibrate lenses. I still haven't manage to perfectly calibrate my main lens :( at some combination...
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    Another Canon EOS R series body mentioned [CR2]

    what about global shutter? too much to be asked? :)
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    Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L IS Still in Testing [CR2]

    Canon 24-70 2.8 II is fantastic lens - great picture quality and sharpness. But I do miss IS as... ...sometimes the light is even so low that pumping up ISO to tolerable level still leads to exposure 1/20 which means visible handshake on larger images ...sometimes I really would like...
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    Crop Factor Change for 4K on Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Included in Coming Update & More

    I wanted to buy this camera as soon as the shop gets new stock in mid April. By checking today i noticed that they've got their stock early and it's now available again at quite a good price (€3300.-). But thanks to this rumor i cannot go and buy the camera because if the rumors come out true, i...
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    Canon EOS 50D Shoots RAW Video

    I hope there's soon a day when my good old 40D could record video as well.