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    Follow Canon Rumors on Instagram!

    Like a sort of kids version of CR then :) Maybe start with a review of Canon's android and iphone software then ...
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    Industry News: Sony officially announces the α9 II

    What you say is of course completely true and I for one get very angry sometimes when I see some of the vile comments posted I can simultaneously see how easy it is on a a forum such as this to think "that's a load of nonsense" and then write a response which feels like you are proving your...
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    Industry News: Sony officially announces the α9 II

    Sony are doomed Doomed I tell you
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    If you can only afford one L prime- which one do you choose?

    I agree - it's a tough decision but 85mm would be my choice too - ideal portraits, can crop to 70-200 equivalent and use panorams for wider angle static landscapes ... I follow Thomas Heaton on YouTube and many of his landscapes are shot with a 70-200 and joined as a panorama to great effect...
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    RF Mount 7D2 replacement? Could it happen?

    Actually I suspect you might be wrong in the long term I doubt they will start development of any new M or EF lenses but slowly cover the entire range both L and budget with R lenses and R cameras At that point they will phase out the production of EF and M lenses and cameras. I personally...
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    RF Mount 7D2 replacement? Could it happen?

    I'm no marketing expert but I get the impression that Canon want to achieve both market share and brand reputation. It seems to me that having a spectrum of high-price-top-quality and low-price-competitive-quality is the way to maximize long-term success- with the top end proving the company's...
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    RF Mount 7D2 replacement? Could it happen?

    Perhaps we will get to the point where all you require is a single prime lens with ultra hi-res sensor - pan for wide angle and crop for telephoto - and blur with software - hmm sounds like my phone
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    Does Lightroom 6.0 Support the R and RP cameras ?

    Thanks very much indeed - that is very informative and helpful
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    Does Lightroom 6.0 Support the R and RP cameras ?

    Hi, being a bit stingy here, but I don't have a subscription to Adobe, but make do with Lightroom 6.0 for which I paid a one-off license fee. I'm wondering whether upgrading to the new world of Full Frame Mirrorless Cameras will mean I also have to move to the Adobe Subscription Model. Could...
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    Canon officially announces the EOS M200

    I watched the marketing video and was really impressed with the improvements to the user interface for beginners. I didn't think the 77D quite hit the mark and it looks like the have continued to make improvements Whilst people on our forum are unlikely to use the UI I would really welcome an...
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    Canon officially announces the EOS M200

    Maybe putting new features straight into new low-end models is a clever way of encouraging users of higher-end users to wait for Canon's next model and not jump ship to another make - in the confident knowledge that Canon has the technology waiting in the wings and that it's sure to be built in...
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    Canon EOS R “One YEAR Later” REVIEW…does it hold up?

    Thanks for posting this. An excellent and balanced review I thought. I follow Jared Polin on YouTube and like his articles more and more.
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    Firmware: Canon EOS R v1.4.0, this is a major firmware update (Update: Firmware removed)

    Well ... "Nearly" apart from IBIS, high res lo latency viewfinder and a full range of lenses ... But I agree progress has been good and by the end of next year I think we will all feel a lot happier with the options available to us
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    Canon EOS M200 coming soon

    Yeah plus IBIS, high res and low latency viewfinder, a native 24-105 f/4 plus an electronic diopter control for bragging rights and it would be a half decent camera
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    Patent: Multiple small RF prime lens optical formulas

    Thanks - I like what you say about only carrying 24,50 and 135 primes ... It sounds like a great combination Im trying to wean myself off zooms and travel light .. I have the Canon 135 f/2 and 85 f1.4 which are not exactly super-light but I love both I can see carrying something like an RP...