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    Is an RF 135mm f/1.4L USM in development? [CR1]

    Wide opened, you can have one corner of the eye in focus and the other of the same eye out of focus.
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    Here are the full Canon EOS RP specifications

    Bye Bye APS-C.
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    Canon EOS RP Specifications [CR1]

    I like this form factor, can Canon make a APS-C mirrorless camera to replace 90D or 7D at around $900-1300?
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    IBIS and 100mp coming to an EOS R camera? [CR2]

    The megapixels will get the attention, but something have to give... processing speed, throughput of data pipe, storage, heat dissipation and most importantly price.
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    Lower end EOS R body to omit the touch bar

    APS-C...That will be nice.
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    Patent: Canon RF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM This is the article that talks about the advantage of RF lens design. It makes a lot of sense to use this design philosophy for long white lens to achieve a better balance, perhaps shorter and...
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    Patent: Canon RF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM

    I thought the bigger RF lens mount allows the lens designer to move the heavier lens elements towards the side of the body. So Canon has not explored that design concept here.
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    Flagship EOS R camera coming in February ahead of CP+? [CR1]

    So why would anyone buy the camera that is just announced? Is that just a placeholder to stop the exodus?
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    Is there an EOS R series camera with an APS-C sensor coming? [CR1]

    RF mount cannot be used for too small a camera body. That makes the lens strategy for Canon quite interesting to watch. The migration of EF to RF mount has to be very gentle. Can you imagine the reaction from the Canon fanbase when Canon changes the DSLR mount to RF? How many RF mount lens...
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    Come play with the Canon EOS R RAW files

    I am blown away by how clear the photo captures the reflection of the beach and the photographer. Is it normal to see the tips of the 2 eyebrows to be out of focus and the eyelashes on the non-focused eye is in focus again?
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    Canon officially announces the Canon EOS R system

    Since there are a lot of IS lens around, I'll trade IBIS with better AF if I am a photographer. Video is a different ball game that I don't quite understand yet.
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    Canon officially announces the Canon EOS R system

    Great job, Canon. When will the next APS-C ML camera come?
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    Opinion: Canon is causing its own problems with the RF mount

    I think that Canon still needs to fill the hole from 80D and 7D, which is not exactly compact, unless Canon wants to accelerate the price drop of ML FF to around $1000 sooner than expected.
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    Further Canon EOS R specifications [CR1]

    If this is a 6D2 replacement, Canon can always come back with a 5D4 successor with a larger body and all the bells and whistles, at obviously a higher price. The bigger question is how Canon (or Nikon) positions itself between the MLFF vs DSLR, old mount vs new. But that is another story.
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    Further Canon EOS R specifications [CR1] photographers can have their shoulder loads balanced with 28-70f2 on one shoulder and 70-200f2.8 on another.