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    Canon to release PL mount versions of their Cinema CN-E prime lenses in 2019 [CR3]

    They should have done this years ago. It’s been my belief that not being available with a native PL mount(Yes, Duclos does an aftermarket PL conversion) has been what has held them back from more widespread acceptance in the industry. Those that shoot with them, like myself, love them. They...
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    Ended: Your favourite new third party lens of 2018

    Sigma 105mm f/1.4. I'm still trying to get my hands on the cine version(105 T1.5) to demo from my dealer, as I'm seriously considering adding this lens. It just speaks to me as a great interview lens. And from what I've heard and read, Sigma actually created the cine version first and the...
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    Patent: Canon sensor tilt to offset image plane changes

    Not as much as you'd think(a lot of it is prestige and marketing. And back-in-the-day tech would trickle down to the consumer level whereas today we see a lot of ideas/tech at the consumer level first, then it's adapted to the pro market). Even though most broadcast gear is expensive(at least...
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    Canon to partner with GoPro in some capacity? [CR0]

    I seriously doubt this rumor. Unless Canon is contemplating a line of action cameras and they just buy GoPro. But Canon products are rock solid and reliable. GoPro's are unreliable at best. About a decade ago, GoPro's became the darling of TV production, because you could stick them anywhere...
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    Patent: New Consumer Level Zoom Lenses

    Big damn difference, IMO. Slower apertures with longer focal length zooms are a lot more acceptable, like the Canon 100-400 4.5-5.6 vII You're also making the big assumption that I missed that they are designed for FF, which I didn't. Doesn't matter if that lens already exists or not. f/6.3...
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    Patent: New Consumer Level Zoom Lenses

    Who in the hell would by such slow lenses? A zoom that tops out at 60mm and ramps to f/6.3? Yeah, sign me up. Said no one ever.
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    Canon Launches New Flagship XF705 Professional Camcorder Featuring 4K Video Recording at 60P/4:2:2/10-Bit

    I hate these type of form factor cameras, for most things, but I wholeheartedly agree that you don't need large sensor cameras for everything. And a lot of times large sensor cams are a hinderance(especially shooting video with a DSLR). My favorite camera, to this day, is still my 2/3" P2...
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    Canon Launches New Flagship XF705 Professional Camcorder Featuring 4K Video Recording at 60P/4:2:2/10-Bit

    Most of these handycams start to iris ramp almost immediately after zooming in from the bottom-end, whereas most "real" ENG or even cine lenses that ramp(and all high mag/zoom ratio lenses do) don't start to ramp until around the top 1/3 or 1/4 of the range. Kind of apples-to-oranges, but my...
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    Canon Launches New Flagship XF705 Professional Camcorder Featuring 4K Video Recording at 60P/4:2:2/10-Bit

    After reading your first post, I was about to ask who and where, also. Because I almost NEVER see Canon "handycams" out in the wild here in the US and definitely not at the network level. I have one production client that has one or two for producers. Their "real camera" inventory for photogs...
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    Canon USA: Canon Professional Services

    Not really. That's pretty black & white, especially using your example of percentage of income earned from photography. The spirit and intent of the original requirements for CPS was that it was there to service full-time working photographers. Think full-time photo-journalists working for a...
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    Canon USA: Canon Professional Services

    Everyone wants to be "special"... And no one wants to be excluded or told they can't do something. I've had the thought for years that that's why so many amateurs pitch a fit about wanting to be in CPS.
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    Custom Foam for a Pelican - Anyone do this? I used them for the custom insert I designed for my Canon CN-e primes.
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    Watching Wimbledon and saw this....

    It's just for quickly ID'ing her gear from others and/or matching lenses and support gear to specific cameras, etc. On multi camera shoots we do it all the time. Each set will be a different color. Makes life a lot easier, especially when packing up.
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    We have too many memory card standards

    Okay, I've gotta ask... What in the heck is a "one-way camera"?
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    Touch up on white lenses