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    What are your best shots of 2018?

    Unbelievable shot. I can't believe my eyes.
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    Hand strap for R

    Thank you.
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    Hand strap for R

    Hello, after some years with a 6D, I upgraded it for the new R. I like very much the camera, but the hand strap I had in my 6D (the Canon E1 + a custom Arca plate) does not fit comfortably into the 6D. I'm currently using a generic plate, but I don't think it is the plate but the camera + strap...
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    Recommendations for architectural photography

    Hey, Hope Your resource is very helpful for @AlanF
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    BIRD IN FLIGHT ONLY -- share your BIF photos here

    What an amazing shot!
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    Moon photos

    Thank you so much <3
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    Which is the best B/w photography click?

    Also amazing of your work.
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    Black & White

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    Black & White

    Thank you. I have a lot of shot like that.
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    Black & White

    Monkey with her kids.
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    Which is the large Camera that you have seen ever?

    Hello guys, Have you seen any large format photography camera? If seen any, please, share your experience with photo (if possible).
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    Whoop here it is ; ad600 PRO

    What do you want to know?
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    Black & White