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    Consumer RF mount zoom lenses coming in the first half of 2020 [CR2]

    Fixed aperture is not the same as fixed maximum aperture. As to whether Dantana is right about the OP being a typo, only the OP'er can say. But the discussion is about consumer lenses and a mirror lens fits both the OP and the thread, which is a hell of a lot better than most of the posts here.
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    Consumer RF mount zoom lenses coming in the first half of 2020 [CR2]

    "Fixed aperture" brings to mind the old consumer lightweight telephoto mirror lenses, which always had questionable quality. But I've often thought it a design worth revisiting with modern manufacturing technologies. I wonder if they cracked that nut?
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    The Canon EOS 5D Mark V is in the works [CR2]

    Canon has been employing this common strategy for years, as has been discussed in the Forums previously. If you look at the EOS Timeline, you'll see the steady growth in DSLR bodies offered by Canon. I doubt the development costs for a DSLR are a large fraction of the price: if they were, by...
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    The Canon EOS 5D Mark V is in the works [CR2]

    I know folks expect a 5DV to come in 2020-2021, but I would generally expect the prosumer bodies to come out less frequently from now on. The road maps have to extend quite a distance into the future, perhaps to 2029 or beyond today for existing camera lines given the development cycles...
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    Canon Announces Two New Entry-Level Binoculars Featuring Lens-Shift Image Stabilization

    After much comparison shopping, we bought a Vortex Razor 10 x 42. Cleaner and brighter than almost anything else we tried, and considerably brighter than what the naked eye sees. The $5k Swarovski was minimally better; saved almost $4k with Vortex. Canon hasn't done well with the design of...
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    Canon’s roadmap for 2019, included an EOS R camera that no one is expecting? [CR2]

    Well, if it is to be a head-scratcher, how about this: NO SCREEN, and packaged with OIII, H-alpha etc. filters. Makes sense on a dedicated astro camera (have you tried looking at star field photos on a tiny screen in the dark?). It would make their astrophotography camera much less expensive...
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    Industry News: Fujifilm GFX 100 specifications leak, 100mp medium format camera on the way

    I'll wait until someone builds an affordable 6 x 6 or 6 x 4.5 digital medium format (with global shutter, of course), which eventually might be within reason. This camera's format should be called "44mm" or "'APS-C' medium format" instead of medium format as it's about half the sensor area of...
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    Hejnar Photo is having a Memorial Day Sale: 20% OFF!

    Hejnar Photo is offering 20% off on all products for Memorial Day. This is a fantastic offer, as sales here are rare and his prices are usually lower than competitors. I own a number of clamps, rails, and such from Hejnar, and love the quality of his CNC precision machining. So if you want...
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    Patent: Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 with apodization filter

    I have to agree with this, too. I'm considering dumping mine without a lens to replace it, and also considering renting the Sigma Art alternative (all my lenses are Canon). This lens is the biggest weakness in my landscape tools. An EF 50mm f/1.4 with the same optical formula isn't likely to...
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    Canon RF 50mm f/1.8 IS USM coming in 2019? [CR1]

    I see that Adorama now has the EF 50mm f/1.8 marked as "closeout" and on sale. Perhaps this rumor is indicative of a new EF version as well? Oh, oh! Possibly in even cheaper-feeling matte black Kris-krinkle plastic, with a focus ring only 2mm long tucked in by the camera mount, and a decal...
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    Canon confirms 8K capable EOS R camera in development

    >> We will work hard on both DSLR and mirrorless technologies and will wait to hear what customers say about each. << Yes, Canon, there is this matter of a long-neglected EF 50mm f/1.4 we need to discuss...
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    The World's Largest Ultrahigh-Sensitivity CMOS Image Sensor

    Based on the numbers provided, a 200mm x 200mm square sensor would cost about $75,000 if produced in large quantities--probably closer to $750,000 for a smaller run since fabrication set-up is divided across fewer units. CMOS unit costs after set-up are proportional to the cube of the die area...
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    PS --> not a valid photoshop document

    There used to be a problem with Apple PS v Adobe PS, perhaps that still exists? Check the first line of the file. It's first characters should be something like "!%Adobe-PS" if I recall correctly, and if they aren't one has to manually edit this in.
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    Luster vs cotton rag photo paper

    I've printed on a number of papers for shows (a mix of photographic process paper and inkjet). Cotton rag can impart a soft, water-color texture to an image but cover glass will greatly diminish the effect unless one is up very close. It works with certain images, usually pastels with large...
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    Twist on selling used.....Opinion?

    Thanks to folks who shared their Ebay selling experiences. Think I might put a couple pieces up for sale.