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    OMG, what should I do? DPReview scores Eos R just at 79 - ;-)

    Well I for one I’m selling both of mine. Will be returning the 35 mm 1.8 that’s coming today and canceling the 28 to 70 order. Oh wait no I won’t what I am doing is unloading my Last 5d mk 4 this week. I find the EOS R to be a very competent and thoroughly enjoyable tool. While it can’t...
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    The Canon EOS R will begin shipping to customers on October 9, 2018, if not sooner

    Tamron 150-600 G2 works but focus is rather slow. I thought I had a problem at first then I realized I had attached the adapter to the body before attaching the lens to the adapter. After I removed the lens and adapter then attaching the lens with the adapter already attached it began working...
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    Interview: Understanding the Canon EOS R

    Call me the Canon fanboy if you’d like, the only cameras I now own are Canon. However in the past two years I have owned two Sony a7 series cameras as well as rented multiple Nikon platforms for testing. Over the years I’ve shot 35mm, medium format, and large format cameras by many...
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    Preorder: You can now preorder the Canon EOS R system and other new Canon gear

    Good luck with your Sony A7R, Over the last few years we’ve had a number of Sony’s in including the A7R and none of them have worked out for us. The ergonomics on all were lacking, Color science was lacking, Menus were terrible, and we found them less than reliable . But if it works...
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    So far so good, the Canon EOS R pleasantly surprised Jared

    I went back and watched Jared‘s video at the 2:42 mark he is showing the menus and it does show a file name option so I would assume yes you can. Just to be sure you could email Brian at the digital picture and verify it with him.
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    Here are the full Canon EOS R specifications

    Make no mistake the RF 50 F1.2 and 28-70 F2 are statement pieces reflecting what is to come. If you listen to cannon it's pretty clear this is just an opening salvo. With the EOS R I see the camera will do 80 to 90% of what most still photographers want or at least need. Would I have liked...
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    Review: Tamron SP 150-600mm f/5-6.3 VC G2

    I'm quite impressed with the improvements over the G1, maybe I just have a good copy but AF shows significant improvement. Image quality the long end is much improved as well. Fit and finish is better and I love the new Zoom lock. This is one of the first images before AFMA an extreme crop...
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    Help! 1DX II Cfast issues!

    I'm running the latest OS X and mine show dimensions 0x0 as well and will not display in finder or preview. However they open fine in lightroom and ACR.
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    5Ds shipping today

    USA still waiting on email confirmation probably won't have that late today
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    5Ds shipping today

    Just received a phone call from my dealer my first 5Ds is shipping today for tomorrow AM delivery. Timing couldn't be better since my 5D mk III went belly up over the weekend. Can't complain though since it has over 750,000 clicks.
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    The budget photographer's 400mm dilemma

    My vote goes to the 100-400 v2. I owned the the v1 of the lens since it was first released it was always a good performer. Yes IS was a little slow and the image stabilization could've been better but it always performed. The v2 is head and shoulders better the the v1. Within one week of...
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    Long telephotos

    AlanF I don't think you have a problem carrying the 400 DO on the correct strap. I've used it with a Black rapids strap for about two hours without a problem. As far as the contrast goes I'm kicking in +10 on average in lightroom.
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    Long telephotos

    Hi, I scored a 400f4 DO II from Canon about a week ago. First thoughts, it's everything Canon says it is. It handles and balances well even on the lighter 7D mk II. A friend and Nikon shooter stopped by shortly after it arrived and could not believe the image quality. The image stabilization...
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    High ISO Samples from the Canon EOS 7D Mark II

    Anyone trying to open the raw files from Imaging Resource try Perfect Photo Suite. Works for me then saved as a psd.