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    Canon EOS R body with more than 75mp on the horizon [CR2]

    Da fuk, everytime I hear entry level R, I think what else can they gimp on the camera.
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    Breaking down the latest Canon gear to appear for certification

    If they bring a camera at a lower price point to the R, the internet will freeze over. Canon cannot do such a stupid move. They cannot possibly gimp the R any further. A lot of people are waiting for the R to drop to 1800 (1400 refurb) which is what it's worth. Lower model will keep the R price...
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    First look: Canon RF 50mm f/1.2L USM Image Quality

    Ef version please so I can use it on my dslrs and orphaned M
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    So far so good, the Canon EOS R pleasantly surprised Jared

    Damn no firesale. Will need to wait longer now.
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    Here are the full Canon EOS R specifications

    No IS, No Dual Slots, No Eye AF. On the positive side, specs indicate <2k price. The 1.6 is interesting. Does it imply EF-M support or is it just for EF-S lenses which would be implied anyway since they are DSLR lenses and not difficult to implement. EF-M would require some engineering for the...
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    Canon Updates DPP, Adds Support for the EOS Rebel 300D and EOS D30

    Now can they update it for the rest of the cameras. I have a G1 that would sometime in the future open up the raw files without using old software.
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    Canon Full Frame Mirrorless is Definitely Coming, and The Wait Won't Be as Long as We Thought

    If Canon uses a new short flange mount, existing EFM users will be pissed. Lets hope Canons releases FF mirrorless in EF and EFM mount.
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    Canon U.S.A. Lends Its Support to Women Photograph, an Initiative Created to Promote the Representat

    Re: Canon U.S.A. Lends Its Support to Women Photograph, an Initiative Created to Promote the Represe Canon just wants to sell more cameras to females. There is a gap at the professional level, but females in general take more photos then men.
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    Canon EOS M50, More Images and Specifications

    I guess the M5ii will be a q4 release.
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    Here's the Canon EOS 4000D, A New Entry Level DSLR

    I have a 40d and 400d, if I can get this south of 200 with a lens, im picking one up to complete my set.
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    Canon EOS M50 & Canon Speedlite 470EX AI To Be Announced February 26, 2018 in Most Places

    Oh god, that would flip the community off. I have a fake go pro that can do 4k at 15fps, but i wouldn't call it a 4k camera. Marketing that is borderline misleading
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    The BCN Camera Rankings Are Out, Canon Leads in DSLR & Compacts

    Exclusive Sony users are gonna be really butthurt. There beloved brand cannot compete with Canon.
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    New Flash Coming in Early 2018, Aimed at Mirrorless Shooters [CR2]

    HSS and a massive guide number in a small package is all I need. You can keep it simple as well with only a few buttons.
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    Zeiss Milvus 25mm f/1.4 Coming Soon

    82mm filter, some serious girth there.
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    Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark III Camera & Accessory USD Pricing

    Canon figured out the number of people that would buy this camera. To get the ROI, they need to sell it at this price. Sell 10 @ 1300 each or 15 at 866 each.