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    Patent: 83mp full-frame image sensor from Canon

    I'd love to see them add multi-iso pixel binning. Either dual in a diamond pattern or quad with four iso settings to demosaic like the bayer pattern. It'd be a life saver for stills/video in tough conditions like shooting a fire breathers act at night. i.e. It'd be neat to have four channel...
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    Ended: Canon EOS 5DS R Body $1704 (Reg $3699)

    So grey market it's sold by little grey men with a time machine? (snarking is too fun)
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    Patent: Switchable 1.4x & 2.0x teleconverter

    It's be neat to add a bulge like the 200-400 has for the extender, and make a R to EF adapter that can swing the elements out of the way to make a 1.0 with no loss as well.
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    Unreleased Canon Cinema EOS camera used for 8K capture at WWDC

    Yeah, the HP dreamcolor monitors are priced like that too. That's why I only snarked at the stand price. I've been picking up 'old, obsolete' screens to adjust color with. (using an HP ZR30w now - super cheap on the second hand market and a full Adobe RGB monitor)
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    Unreleased Canon Cinema EOS camera used for 8K capture at WWDC

    You'd need to compare that to something like a similarly specced Dell Precision to see whether they're just pricey or completely off the rails.
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    Unreleased Canon Cinema EOS camera used for 8K capture at WWDC

    I thought this was a meme joke at first. Apparently it's not. $999 for a stand?!?!?
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    Canon’s roadmap for 2019, included an EOS R camera that no one is expecting? [CR2]

    I'd love to have the viewfinder all the way to the left like a rangefinder, dammit! There is no prism, so no reason it can't be on the side so my nose has somewhere to be! If they want 'traditional' styling, the R should be rangefinder styling not SLR... they look that way because the...
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    Canon’s roadmap for 2019, included an EOS R camera that no one is expecting? [CR2]

    Outdoors, to get the sunlit areas to -1 stop or so. Transistor controled (SCR) strobes have a short flash duration at low power so it can work. At high shutter speeds you don't need anywhere near the flash power you'd need at low shutter speeds to get the same result. If you can get into the...
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    Canon officially announces the RF 85mm f/1.2L USM

    As a part timer, I took this chance to get an EF 85mm F1.2 II at a bargain price! At barely more than 1/3 the price, it's not going to depreciate very fast from here so I can sell it if I change my mind and recover the cost.
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    Where to buy focus ring rubber?

    I've seen the white oxidation before too. The ones I was fighting with were all hard plastic with rubber coatings. Just as an update, the two I cleaned with krud cutter are both doing fine. Zooms looked like they would have been more of a pain to take apart for a replacement/cleaning outside of...
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    Canon EOS-1D X Mark III field testing has begun [CR2]

    I think it all hinges on how capable Canon is able to make the dual pixel focus, and what impact that has on sensor quality. (missing pixels for the AF sensors, heat, electrical noise) That's also going to drive whether an R 5Dsr-ish body appears, as we don't know how small the dual pixel AF...
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    Canon Inc. full year 2018 financial results, and thoughts on the industry and future goals

    The camera AI sounds like a party / auto sports mode. They've got face detection working. I'd like to see a security camera that evaluates the scene for people and triggers recording based on that as an improvement on the ones that only do motion detection. (trying to think of areas where...
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    Where to buy focus ring rubber?

    That is neat tape! I'd been given some before but without a label and didn't know what to order to get more, so yay! Regular electrical tape turns to goo but this stuff is wonderful. But for this sticky coating problem, I do know a bit about what goes on. First to allay your concerns: These...
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    Where to buy focus ring rubber?

    Two other lenses have developed the same problem, a 28-135mm and a 70-300 IS. Like the 28mm they have a hard plastic focus ring with a rubber coating. That coating turns to goo. I found that Krud Cutter cuts the goo wonderfully. Spray some in a bottle cap then use q-tips and you can clean the...
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    Lower end EOS R body to omit the touch bar

    And they can ad built in a mandatory facebook tracking app, ads that display every power up and tracking metadata added to every shot. Meanwhile, each camera will have DVD style region lock so you can only use the camera in zones you've purchased. Act now to get the temporary vacation license...