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    Canon EOS-1D X Mark III Summary

    Hmmm... did the specs just get updates? I just read the list and noticed a bunch of logical improvements. I use the 1Dxii professionally and see lots of differences here. 191 (151 cross type) AF points Illuminated buttons 5x buffer depth RAW video Expanded iso range No more CF card Longer...
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    Canon EOS R Mark II in testing [CR2]

    I have been following and experimenting with external hardware and internal file transfer options since the release of the EOS R. You can currently backup RAW files to an IOS/Windows device, while shooting, and while also keeping a copy on the SD card. But you need an external network. That...
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    EOS R exposure compensation and metering

    I can see that now :) I think I use my camera in a not so normal way, so what you wrote did not make sense to me, initially. I got a little long winded (and perhaps a bit hypocritical) before realizing that there's more ways to use the metering and histogram than the way I use them :p
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    EOS R exposure compensation and metering

    I get it... highdesertmesa, Sporgan, and Viggo, you don't have the histogram on at all times in your EVF, right? You're just thinking about image review? The joy of MILC and one of the main reasons I switched over was the in EVF histogram. It's an incredibly powerful tool if you use it. The...
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    EOS R exposure compensation and metering

    In evaluative mode, the metering is weighted toward the changes with the focus point. Depending on your shooting mode, changes in the metering may change the histogram. But, if your metering is not set to control your exposure, moving the AF point will not change the Histogram. A year ago I...
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    EOS R exposure compensation and metering

    Semantics... Metering modes don’t change exposure. Some shooting modes change exposure based on the metering mode. Change the metering mode all you want in manual shooting mode and moving the AF point will not change the Histogram.
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    EOS R exposure compensation and metering

    I'll add that the histogram should never change based on ANY metering mode, and AF point position changes. It's an evaluation of all the pixels in your image. It's created from the .jpg preview (or the evf/sensor data in a MILC), so changes to image style settings will change the histogram, and...
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    EOS R exposure compensation and metering

    No, in evaluative mode, the histogram is not weighted toward changes in the AF point... Are you perhaps confusing the meter with the histogram? Two different tools. Perhaps you could tell me more clearly, what part of what I wrote needed to be 'corrected'?
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    Wireless RAW transfer, while writing to the internal SD card - not perfect - but, close.

    So Canon finally listened to my moaning. I've called twice to mention that this feature is 'broken' in the image transfer utility. But, with 'Image Transfer Utility 2', you can now wirelessly backup your RAW files, while writing to the internal card. There is only one caveat. Canon seems to...
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    Major AF firmware for R and RP (video)

    Because this makes a bunch of whiny people who were never the target market of this camera look horrible for all the drivel they've been posting for the last year.
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    Firmware: Canon EOS R v1.3.0

    Just call CPS and ask to make a feature request. I made four requests within a mo th of buying the EOS R and three showed up in the last firmware update. They don’t need to contact you, enough people contact them. I’m not the only person asking for changes. Also, to those hoping for more from...
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    One thing that was fixed in EOS R firmware 1.2.0 that I haven't seen mentioned anywhere

    I reported the 'magnify to original size at AF point' issue to Canon as a bug. Glad they listened to me :) Apparently, it never worked before in live view. So given that the R is basically just a live view 5D4, it wasn't there at launch. I wonder if others complained too? I used the feature...
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    Canon EOS R firmware version 1.2.0 announced

    ??? I tether a lot - I do not notice any lag. Directly comparable to the 5D and 1D series when using Capture one. I wait 1 second or less for a RAW image to render. Are you sure you haven't accidentally started using hot folders? i.e. using Canon's software to tether and Capture one to read it...
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    Focus issue: 300/4.0L (non-IS)

    I'd test your lenses on another EOS R... 16-35 f4, 24-70 f2.8ii, 70-200 f2.8 ii, RF35, 50A, 85A, 100L, and 70-200 w/ 2x are all perfection... much better than my AFMA'd 5Div, and pair of 5Diii's ever were...
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    Help me Decide: Canon RF 35 f1.8 or Sigma Art 35 f1.4 for my EOS R

    I've owned the 35A and now own the RF35. They aren't alike. The 35A has something special to the image quality. It's got phenomenal sharpness and rendering. But it's huge in comparison. The RF35 has great image quality, but not like the Art. But it's so small and wonderful to work with. It...