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    Canon, Canon Canon….. Please help the video stars

    About the 24p, might turn out to be a basic math issue (not solvable with a firmware). Normally things work at 60hz in north america. If you want to playback at 24p, you basically need to run at 240hz (60hz as basic frequency x 4 cycles per seconds); then you output the same frame 10times in a...
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    Giveaway: Grand prize is a Canon EOS R camera body!

    Finally! :D I couldnt afford it, but now i have some hope :D
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    Lots of New mirrorless and DSLR cameras in the pipeline

    K437 : too early for a 5D markV, but maybe a 5Ds mark4?
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    Multi-controller joystick 5D MKIII jumped off

    yup, i read similar things on other forums. But would it make sense for a battery grip? #DIY :\
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    Multi-controller joystick 5D MKIII jumped off

    Sorry to bring back this old topic: Had this same issue last weekend, but on the C5DIII battery grip (original). Since i'm out of warranty for quite a few years already (got mine in 2012), I decided to "replace it myself". Found the parts (likely a clone) on the internet, and overpriced for...
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    Patent: Canon CN-E 60-800mm f/4-5.6

    I thought that CN-E lenses were t/ and not f/something. Am I wrong?
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    Canon U.S.A. Announces Seven New PIXMA Wireless Inkjet All-In-One Printers

    Not sure if this is expensive or not... 99.9910 [puzzled] ::)
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    Canon EOS 5DS & EOS 5DS R Available to Buy on June 29, 2015

    But, but, but.. Why this mentions 5DsS R instead of 5Ds R? Am i the only one that struggle about this! :o :-X ;D
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    Euro Pricing for EOS 5DS, 5DS R & EF 11-24 f/4L Revealed

    Re: Euro Pricing for EOS 5DS, 5DS R & EF 11-24 f/4L Revealed Guys, you are all talking about pricing -- which i must admit, is interesting -- but. Am i the only one that wonder what the top plate look like (single buttons for iso, exposure mode, etc / vs dual features per button) or i missed...
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    50 f/1.2L problems applicable to 85 f/1.2L?

    2007 is old like a dinosaur in this digital era. I simply hope canon will, in a near future, answer the Otus 55. ;)
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    5D3 Firmware

    Just wonder if there is a way "for one of these lucky guy" to dump theur 1.2.1 firmware so we wont have to wait 7 more days :o ::)
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    Advice 5d3, wide angle

    I do own a few lense, and actually when I bought my 16-35 II (for an old 30D), it was doing ok. I found on my new 5D3 that it is too wide. I use it most of the time in the 24mm-35mm range. I am not sure if I would echange it for a 24L or a 35L, just because the zoom is convenient sometime. In...
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    BG-E11 in-stock $319 (free shipping)

    Finally got mine (from unique photo). Arrived in Montreal Thursday. I love it!
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    BG-E11 in-stock $319 (free shipping)

    Just ordered it following your recommendation. Will see how fast they can expedite this in canada :)
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    Curious about B&H & mkiii shipments

    W00T im soo pleased, just got my tracking number for my 5D3 (order 10198200xx). Dont know what happent as i was so far in the queue! Anyway, thats a nice holiday start!