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    Firmware: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV v1.0.4

    Thanks for the replies, will probably take photos of all the menu settings anyway to have on file. Good to know the firmware update doesnt wipe everything though.
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    Firmware: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV v1.0.4

    For those that updated - does it wipe all of your custom settings? Or does it leave these intact? Eg RAW + Jpeg, Auto ISO minimum value, number of focus points selected etc. Thanks!
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    Canon 5D Mark IV Long Term Review from Dustin

    I use the Fine Detail mode, with settings of 4,3,1, and +1 on Saturation. I have all noise reduction aids turned off. Thanks a million Dustin, much appreciated.
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    Canon 5D Mark IV Long Term Review from Dustin

    Thanks for a very good and balanced review Dustin. just got my 5D4 yesterday and I'm finding the shots to be very flat as you described, would love to know more details of how you have tweaked your jpeg settings. I use jpegs for on the day wedding slideshows on the big screen so getting the best...
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    Yeah, totally impressed with the 4k stills capability.

    Nice option to have! Are you still using your Pentax for weddings? The reason I'm asking is that I'm. Interested in the new Fuji MF which should be similar in quality to the Pentax, not sure if it's going to be worth carrying two systems on a wedding day.
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    Review: Canon imagePROGRAF Pro-2000

    Hi Keith, Any advice for someone who has a large format canon 6400 printer that has been sitting idle in an office in powered for a few years? I don't even know where to start with it. It was in regular use for a year or so before this. Thanks!
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    Equipment needed to live stream training courses?

    Hi All, I'm hoping someone can help suggest what to buy to record training courses and stream live to the web. The requirement is to record training courses (eg recording 20 ft from a speaker at a podium) with the recording going straight to a laptop and/ or to the web - youtube live, ustream...
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    24L MkII focusing problems

    Hi StudentOfLight, Definitely a lot better now, I did some testing in good light today and am pretty happy with the performance vs live view. I'm probably spoiled by some of the other lenses in my arsenal - just updated my profile with the full list. The fuji lenses at f1.2 to 1.4 are really...
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    24L MkII focusing problems

    Thanks for the replies. I did the afma at about 4 ft and it definitely helped for longer distances. It's late in Ireland now so will try in better light. Cheers, Steve
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    24L MkII focusing problems

    My 24L mkII is very accurate on my eos-M and when using when live view on my 5D mk3's but on the 5D's when not using live view the afma only works for one distance. All other distances are way out of focus. For example, when focusing from about 20 ft I can amfa to get a decent result. Change to...
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    Trying to start a Photography Business but surrounded by amateurs!

    Have to agree with all the others, if I was you I would consider: 1. Less kinds of work shown, don't try to be a jack of all trades, or set up another website for commercial work. 2. Specialise in kids portraits as they look the most professional to me 3. Don't include glamour photos on the...