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    Single vs Dual card camera systems

    How old was the card ? How many times had your cat chewed it ?
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    The Canon EOS 5D Mark V is in the works [CR2]

    I think he’s actually left about four or five times now. Isn’t this the latest reincarnation of AvTvM ?
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    The Canon EOS 5D Mark V is in the works [CR2]

    DR of the 5DS is way ahead of the 5D2 and from a practical point of view very close to the on-chip ADC cameras.
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    How often to clean dust from the front element of the lens?

    Yep, cat among the pigeons ! I never use filters unless I’m going to be shooting in an abrasive environment. Rarely clean the lens, if it’s getting really dusty I use a lens blower - “rocket blower” I think it is. If someone or something has managed to stick a sticky paw on the lens I use a...
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    The tables have turned?

    What a let down. I thought you were going to say 90% of the camera club were using dslrs :censored:
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    5Ds Mark II and hate for mirrorless

    I may be wrong but I believe that Nikon stopped production of the F6 years ago, so any new sales are from stock. Also the FM10 isn’t made by Nikon but contracted out. Any urge I had to shoot film again died with the introduction of the 5DS, but I’d be the first to admit that there is something...
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    Canon 35mm f/2 IS USM

    Is it really over two years since anyone posted a shot from this great little lens ? 5DS + 35/2 IS @ f/2, 1/100, ISO 100 An 'A' road in the North of England post Brexit :censored:
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    It's official - the Tamron 35/1.4 is the best 35mm you can buy

    Roger at Lens Rentals has been testing a few 35mm lenses, and the new Tamron 35mm is the best of the bunch - if you like MTF charts. Actually I have heard that the lens renders rather beautifully too...
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    M6 mk II review...

    Depends on your definition of 'really big' but in a nutshell I'd say the wider you go the more the larger sensor pulls ahead in what I call 'breio', that is the freshness, clarity of the finer details in the image. Splitting hairs of course. :)
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    M6 mk II review...

    Yes I've got the 35/2 IS too, in fact I bought one after you'd been on here shouting its praises a few years ago. Even though you know I hate putting my hand in my pocket to buy gear I can't bear you any ill will has it's a peach of a lens ;) . It sings on the 5DS.:)
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    M6 mk II review...

    2012 was a good year for Canon in lenses, IMO. Whoever they had designing these lenses that hit the market in 2012 was an artist and knew how an image should look. The collective 'he' wasn't interested in charts and MTF50s, he wanted lenses that drew well with a three dimensional image and...
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    Canon EF 28mm f/2.8 IS USM

    Good for you ! Unfortunately I don't think there will be many people here who will have much interest in this lens; it's not exotic or expensive enough. which is a shame because as wides go I think it renders rather beautifully - it is not a highly corrected lens, with plenty of CA and from an...
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    Canon EOS M200 coming soon

    Well judging by a lot of the posters on CR: Canon Luminaries InTent On Rival Imaging Systems
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    My Experience: From Canon 5D4 to Nikon D850

    I see he sensibly used an old 5D2, to have used a 5D4 would be rather decadent ! Surprised about the views on mirror lock up - apart from using mirror pre release on the 5DS, whenever I want full mirror lock up now I'm on a tripod and in live view anyway.
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    Maybe buy his lighting & technique as well ;)