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    Black and White Landscapes!

    Absolutely STUNNING images! Has inspired me to get out and shoot! Thanks guys & gals! :)
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    So far so good, the Canon EOS R pleasantly surprised Jared

    Yep! - got it in one there! :)
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    Just launched my new website! Loving life right now!

    Just launched my new website! Loving life right now!
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    Possible Confirmation of Takeover Talks Between Apple and Canon !!!

    This takeover would be incredible! Three possibilities - awesome products, No change, awful direct/products. Great read everyone. Scott.
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    Are These The Next Canon Cameras To Be Announced? [CR1]

    Ohhh yes! This could be my next personal camera - exciting! Great share! Scott.
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    Wedding Website

    Nice website - I did find it a little bit slow? might be worth checking it on Google page speed - as the speed does count towards rankings according to SEO experts. I have recently being battling the fine balance - image optimisation, caching and minfying of code etc. my website...
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    Proper way to store lens

    Brilliant information here guys! I've had a 70-200mm start to grow fungus and wandered if it was my storage. Never thought of the absorbant silica gels packs before! - Thanks for all inputs! Scott
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    Sigma 85 looks better in corners

    The price would be the deciding factor for me personally - does the price gap warrant that much of a image and build quality difference?