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    An RF super telephoto zoom on the way, likely in late 2020 [CR1]

    All I want is a 400 5.6 IS. Ever hopeful.
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    Breaking down the latest Canon gear to appear for certification

    I'm thinking that there won't be a 7d mark iii. Mirrorless is obviously where canon is heading with its lens development, except for the big primes. And if one can afford a big prime, I think canon might be happy with them also having to buy a 1dx-class ef-mount body. How many people really...
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    Here are the full Canon EOS R specifications

    It makes a difference on my 7dii. If I use speed priority I get a lot more oof shots; it's a big enough problem that, for me, I leave AI Servo 2nd in focus priority. In many situations I don't find that the camera is any slower, so 3fps for the mirrorless sounds s-l-o-w. I guess that's what the...
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    A hypothesis concerning the RF mount

    Ah, that makes sense, I guess, good for Canon but not so good for those of us with a few lenses that we like!
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    A hypothesis concerning the RF mount

    Can someone explain to me why a mirrorless camera can't just have an EF mount? Why can't it be a camera that's like the current cameras, but mirrorless? With all the great EF lenses, what's the advantage of a new mount?
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    Another EOS 7D Mark III Wishlist Makes the Rounds, Along With Some Opinion [CR0]

    Sure 12fps would be good, but I think 10 is plenty for me. What I'd most like is an increase in the quality of the sensor. And I'd like to loose the AA filter (I use a 5DSR a lot and have had zero problems). I'd also like an AF mode that worked between for subjects that are totally still and...
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    Canon EOS 5DS R Mark II Talk [CR2]

    +1 I just don't see moire problems in the photos I'm taking with this camera.
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    Do you recommend the 5DSR for birding?

    Works for me: I have a 7dII and a 5DSr, and I don't see much of a difference in the af for what I shoot. It's lovely to have all those megapixels!
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    Sigma 135 f1.8 Art; Inconsistent AF

    I have a couple of ART lenses, though not the 135. I have found that FoCal does not work well with them. In both cases I get a bunch of inconsistencies. But in real world they are fine, once the right AFMA is dialled in. That, without FoCal, takes a bit of patience. But once I get the right...
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    Show your Bird Portraits

    One of the locals...
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    Tips on deterring forcible equipment theft while carrying camera?

    My attitude is pretty simple. 1) Avoid being paranoid. 2) Don't worry too much. 3) Don't be attached to material possessions. 4) Don't escalate anything, ever. 5) Always acquiesce. So far I've never had to be past step 2.
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    Four New Sigma Lenses Leak Ahead of CP+

    I just bought the 85 and I'm thoroughly enjoying it. Interesting to see the 135 is very nearly the same weight, shorter and squatter, with a smaller filter size and one less element. I wonder what the MTFs will look like?! EDIT: MTFs here (the chart for the 135 looks more than a bit impressive)...
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    LensTip tests the brand new Sigma 85mm f/1.4 Art - sharpest lens ever :-)

    My experience is similar. My 35A is 99% accurate on my 5dsr, and 50% on my 7dii. (I don't have a dock, I do have focal.)
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    Show your Bird Portraits

    After tc202's shot I think I might give up... But here's a portrait anyway... I think the 400 5.6 still does a good job :) Kestrel [url=], on Flickr
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    Who would throw ~1200€ for new 300mm 4L IS II or 400mm 5.6L IS?

    This makes sense to me. Though I would love to upgrade my 400 5.6 to an IS model. It's great for birds in flight at the moment, but it would also be useful to have IS for when the bird lands and I don't want to use 1/2000... I can see why a lot of people like the 100-400 but birds don't hang...