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    Kickstarter: Peak Design Unveils The Next Generation of Camera Tripods

    I backed this to compare to my 10 year old Gitzo 1541 carbon fiber model. I definitely like to compactness of the Peak Design model but want to test out the stability as others have brought up. If nothing else, I can still sell it for what I paid for it which I was able to do on a previous...
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    Camera Manufacturer Posturing Ahead of Announcements

    I find it amusing to see all of the communications from Canon, Nikon and Sony in advance of their fall announcements. Canon is #1 in mirrorless, Sony claims number one in full frame, Nikon #1 in fixed lens cameras and DSLR loyalty . . . Every one claiming a top spot in one category or country!
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    Sony announces a7 iii

    Sony lens ecosystem still has a ways to go but their last 3 camera announcements have certainly impressed. Wonder if a Canon mirrorless prototype is being re-spec'd as of yesterday.
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    Poll Added: Here's Why Canon Doesn't Need to Innovate, But it Should

    I probably should have stated that the 10X mirror-less growth figure since 2012 was for pro models only. Those costing more than $1000 for the body. In other words, those most likely to impact Canon's full frame share. A small figure for sure, but definitely growing with all of the new models...
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    Poll Added: Here's Why Canon Doesn't Need to Innovate, But it Should

    I see this slightly differently. Canon doesn't need to extensively innovate the professional DSLR market given its maturity and also due to the fact that this isn't likely to bring in significant new users (DSLR sales decreased 9% in 2017 continuing a 6 year decline). What they must weigh...
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    B&H Photo Now Carries Really Right Stuff

    Long overdue. I have been in B&H many times when customers ask about RRS products (often visitors to NYC). B&H staff hasn't always had good things to say about them as they likely want to sell something in store.
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    Google Nik Collection is Now Free

    Topaz Labs and many other filter companies are scrambling just a bit right now . . .