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    Industry News: Leica announces the M10 Monochrom

    Leicas aren't silent. Some, like the M9, are actually pretty loud.
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    Patent: Eye-controlled autofocus for mirrorless cameras

    It's worth another try, and now's certainly a good time for another try.
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    Canon will reclaim their full-frame megapixel crown [CR1]

    Music to the ears of computer manufactures, too.
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    Canon Q2 2019 financial results released

    I can read it was taken with a 5DII. And that bolsters your argument for ditching such cameras how?
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    IBIS is coming to select next generation Canon DSLRs [CR2]

    Good point. Have there been any DSLR's with IBIS? I only know of mirrolress bodies with it.
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    Latest sales data shows Canon maintains big market share lead in Japan for the year

    Fuji also just announced they'll be making ACROS film again. They do seem to have their finger on the pulse of actual consumers. And if they market the film as something like "just like the ACROS setting in your XT-1," that would be a bold and unique strategy.
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    Industry News: Panasonic Announces the New LUMIX S1H Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera

    Tony Northtrup says the L mount has no future, so what's the point?
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    Four New Canon XA Professional Camcorders Feature 4K 30p High-Quality Recording

    I hear ya. I paid $5 for a cappocino yesterday, and thought, enough is enough. I'm going back to just drinking water! Prices are out of control today.
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    Canon publishes a paper discussing a new 3.4 μm pixel pitch global shutter CMOS image sensor with dual in-pixel charge domain memory

    Isn't a "global shutter" the same thing as an "electronic shutter? Global just being the terms video people use?
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    All of the nominated documentaries at the Oscars were shot on Canon cameras.

    Jimmy Chin also used a Canon for "Meru," so does that mean Canon sponsored that climb, too? Or does it mean he actually likes to use Canon cameras?
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    All of the nominated documentaries at the Oscars were shot on Canon cameras.

    But ARRI hasn't penetrated general camera forums, so we'll have to settle for arguing about Canon, Sony and Nikon.
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    All of the nominated documentaries at the Oscars were shot on Canon cameras.

    The point is, a lot of people who are doing the complaining don't actually know much about video. They just know how to read a spec sheet.
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    Is the term ISO “totally fake”?

    On #2, film was (and still is) the same way. "Box speed" is only a rough suggestion, and each photographer must do their own tests, and calibrate things accordingly. So your light meter only "works as you expect" after you've determined what those expectations are. Also, not all light meters...
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    Dynamic range comparison between the EOS RP, EOS 6D Mark II and EOS R

    I like how he still has a link to buy the RP at the bottom. Always be closing!
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    Industry News: Here’s the Leica Q2

    I read somewhere else that the EVF will be OLED, which, if true, will I think be a first for small stills-focused cameras (cinema cameras have them already).