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    Industry News: Here’s the Leica Q2

    This is great news that will propel the SL2 into production. Hopefully there will be several ergonomic changes to the camera as well. Most interesting will be the EV range of this new chip as compared to the Sony AR7III and others.
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    When I go on safari, what’s in my camera bag?

    Most group excursions will seat 5-7 people in a Rover, unless you go the expense of a private drive. The guide and driver, (plus tracker) will do the best they can to accommodate all, but not everyone will get the best angle. Also back of the Rover is often higher than the front, but the ride...
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    When I go on safari, what’s in my camera bag?

    We all marvel (and rightfully so) at the magnificent images of wildlife that have come from folks in the right place/at the right time/with the right equipment. For those of you that have not been to Southern Africa, please keep in mind that your subject matter has complete mobility and...
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    When I go on safari, what’s in my camera bag?

    As much as I am a Canon fan, I have 3 Leicas, as the quality of the glass is incredible. My SL 16-35 was the 1st one sold in the US, and I use it extensively for landscape work, hand held only. My HDR tripod mounted cameras are a 5D MKIV and the Canon 5Ds. Actually the SL has not been to Africa...
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    When I go on safari, what’s in my camera bag?

    I have been on three safaris to Southern Africa, the last one private, and all with the same guide, who is phenomenal. I have had six of my images published by Nat Geo. My recommendation IS the 200-400 with built in 1.4X for ONE simple reason: DUST. Prior to leaving, I mount one lens on one...
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    CR in Rwanda With The Canon EOS-1D X Mark II

    Re: CR in Rwanda With The EOS-1D X Mark II Will be making our third shoot in Botswana and South Africa next month. Canon 1D MKIV was my primary body on the last shoot in 2009 with 300 2.8 & 1.4X mounted, being the longest I could hand hold without a stick. This next shoot will involve the 1Dx...