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    It’s been a while, but an APS-C equipped EOS R body gets another mention [CR2]

    The EF-S came about because the need for what constitutes ultra-wide lenses on the full frame EF mount made it difficult to make decent quality optics. The EF-S lens actually protrudes into the mirror box about 4-5 mm, allowing easier optical designs. It was a workaround from day one. And, of...
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    It’s been a while, but an APS-C equipped EOS R body gets another mention [CR2]

    On the one hand, it seems like it would have to be a little larger than the M series, meaning that the size advantage of the smaller sensor would not be realized. On the other hand, it would provide a direct pathway to migrating to full frame bodies, particularly if they make the 17-70 RF IS...
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    Patent: Canon RF 17-70mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM

    I'm kind of stuck with the 24-105 on the R, but I can see this lens being a great wide kit lens too. As noted before, it opens the door to a crop sensor in an R body. Just in case Canon goes down that road.
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    Patent: Canon continues development of EF supertelephoto lenses

    However, at f/6.3 as opposed to 5.6, you need to either reduce shutter speed 1/3 of a stop or increase ISO 1/3 of a stop to expose identically. Not really an issue on a bright day, but in the darkness of the forest, you start pushing things a bit.
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    Patent: Canon continues development of EF supertelephoto lenses

    I don't anticipate a great difference in the optical design between an EF and RF lens at these long focal lengths. The EF lenses have a pretty long distance between the back element and the sensor as it is. Simply redesigning the mount ought to be suitable. Or, making an EF-RF adapter with a...
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    Patent: Canon continues development of EF supertelephoto lenses

    I'd really like Canon to answer the Sigma/Tamron 150-600, even if it's 200-600. The 200-400 f/4 with the built in teleconverter is very good and very convenient, but more costly than I'm willing to pay. It's definitely a better lens than my Siggy, but I'm not a pro and am not making any money to...
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    Patent: Canon RF 17-70mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM

    Why yes, yes it would. Useful on a crop sensor, and yet usable when you work your way up to a full frame sensor in the future. A nice vacation lens too, perhaps, or a good 2-lens kit when paired with something like a 70-300 tele zoom. It would also be useful for the 2 R bodies out now, in terms...
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    Patent: Canon continues development of EF supertelephoto lenses

    I have the 500/4 II, which is absolutely a stellar lens. But for my shooting, I rarely use it. I tend to walk around when shooting nature (mostly birds) and thus find, despite its reduced image quality, my Sigma 150-600 is about the best tool for that job. Relatively light and zoomable. These...
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    Canon will release four new full-frame cameras in 2020 [CR2]

    Time for Tom's prediction. As always, worth a maximum of 2 cents: 1 5-series body at around 32 mpx, with a new sensor, shared with one new R-series body. They will be introduced together, much like the 90D and M6 II were. This will be the 5-level R body and will present 5D4 users with an option...
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    Major Canon announcements in February and May of this year [CR2]

    That's a good question. From the "birder" point of view, I think it's the pixel density that is paramount, rather than the "crop factor". My M6 II can put a lot more pixels on a Blue Jay than my 5D4 can at equal distance with the same lens, but the 5D4 does a better job with high-ISO. And if...
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    Fundraiser: Australian Fire Relief Charity Shirt

    You get a shirt, and make a donation. The choice is yours... yours... yours... (insert Airplane movie scene)... Oh, they run typical sizes so if the size tee you wear is a little snug and you like a looser fit, go one size higher.
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    Two new EOS R bodies coming in the first half of 2020 [CR3]

    My take, which is worth all of 2 cents or less... New 5R and 5Rs, with 32 and 75 Mpx respectively, representing the 5-series in the RF mount. Might also be a 5D5, with the same sensor as the 5R, but in DSLR format (much like the 90D/M6 II share a sensor). Specs are going to be interesting, but...
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    Canon announces photographer matching service and Photo Culling plug-in for Adobe Lightroom Classic

    Culling sounds interesting actually. All depends on the criteria and the ability to adjust it. On a rare occasion, a moderately soft image is all you get.
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    Canon RF 70-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS USM to be announced this year [CR3]

    There’s always the Sigma 150-600 option was well. But I agree; a 500 or 600 mm long end that doesn’t break the bank would be welcome.
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    Canon EOS-1D X Mark III Summary

    Needs clarification, but I think that it will have autofocus at 4K/60, but just not DPAF. The amount of data being processed is insane at that level. It appears that it does DPAF at 4K/30 as well as all the 1080 modes, but I'd wait until the official announcement and specs are released to be...