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    Samyang 10mm f3.5 - WHEN is it ...due?

    Samyang 10mm f3.5 - WHEN is it ...due? anyone know when this lens is finally released? (comes in Canon first) thanks Tom
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    Canon EOS RP Specifications & Images

    thanks ..I see that now... is the electronic I.S. worth a stop or two?... that's ok.. a little help.. and the lenses I use are usually fast.. good news it works for both. ...I wonder if it ..'plays well' with third party I.S.?.. I have no complaints ..just curiosity
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    Canon EOS RP Specifications & Images

    /// you know ..that seems like the real use to me too.. 24-240 sounds good (if it can photograph a star as a point) and then carry my 14mm f2.8L II as a super-wide...since it is small (but now it needs a converter) eventually there will be wider than 14mm (maybe 11-22) ..with quality... in...
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    Canon EOS RP Specifications & Images

    /// yes I was also surprised... there was rush of the crowd toward the stage ..on that..ha! does that mean my sig 135 f1.8 will now have stabilization
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    Canon EOS RP Specifications & Images

    yes... when it hangs on a strap.. you NEED to see that info.. just too little space .. is why...IMO
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    Canon EOS RP Specifications & Images

    did we determine the battery here?... I would like to have std batteries... from 5 series.. but I believe it is too (physically) small ... to be that ... a standard battery would add this to a lot of bags.. especially if it IS $1300..... /// update: AND a free or... nearly-free EOS converter...
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    Patent: Canon continues to work on focal length reducers

    I have always wanted to be a little taller.. ...and slimmer...can I have both? Also ..Can I combine this with the Fountain of Youth?
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    Lexar announces the world’s first 1TB SD card

    Interesting... memory cards and SSD drives are just 'flying high' nowadays... .... it is why I have 2 .....LG V10 phones.. because it can address 2TB cards.. Big display... nice camera... changeable battery when one died.... I bought a refurbished... I have a rugged one..that gets banged...
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    Where to buy focus ring rubber?

    I did my 85L II.. bought directly from canon.. it was about $15...I forget the price if you have part to a person. they were very nice and helpful.. someone posted the part number but I also looked it up somewhere.. haha.. I am not febble minded.. just cant remember the details...
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    Ended: Your favourite new third party lens of 2018

    Well I ordered the Sig 105 f1.4.. tried it carefully along with sig 135 f1.8. and I believe the 105 bokeh quality was slightly better than my 85L mk ii ..that I sold... but I returned to the sig 135 f.8 because it fit in the bag better and was very close to as-good bokeh but sharper.. 105 was...
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    Butterflies, Moths and Assorted Insects...

    thanks...... I am still wandering around in the new format this morning... this is a good forum... all kinds of tech resources..and so many things to see...
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    Butterflies, Moths and Assorted Insects...

    lots of fun stuff here.... thanks for it all ... here I use the Sig 135 f1.8 with a 20mm extension tube... I had JUST tried the Sig 105 f1.4.... but even though the bokeh was as good as my 85 f1.2 mk II.... it was just too heavy..and big.. it crowded the camera bag.. so I got the 135 f1.8...
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    first shots from my sigma 105mm f1.4

    yes ... I saw that.. not so with 135..for me and others.. odd.. well now I feel good about my choice.. 135 f1.8 the 105 sharpness seemed 'NEARLY' as good as the 135.. but for me I chose the 135 because of ....reach ... size/weight ....the edge in sharpness.. it seems coma was there for the 135...
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    Time for a playful topic! What's in your two lens bag?

    tamron 15-30 (darker times) OR 14L mk ii (Lighter times) and and 100L macro (bugish) OR 135 f1.8 sigma (birdish) ..... 1dx2
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    first shots from my sigma 105mm f1.4

    yes 50MP is important info IMO too here is a lightweight review.. but for myself I tried to make the background 'busy' and the 105 f1.4 seemed able to smear the objects ...nicely.. ... I...