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    Galapagos Underwater - Darwin's Dream - Bronze Award

    Beautifull! Thanks for sharing.
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    Nikon D4s VS Canon 1Dx Comparison

    Not really a lot of progress in the D4s, keeping in mind that there is about 2 years between the two.
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    Nikon D4s VS Canon 1Dx Comparison
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    Maybe buying outside the UK is ethical after all...

    You can try here get it cheaper and without the hassle of customs.
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    NP-E3 - NiMh-accupack for 1Ds ...

    There is also a Lenmar replacement battery on Ebay. Was satisfied with mine.
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    NP-E3 - NiMh-accupack for 1Ds ...
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    MacBook Pro : Best RAW Processing Software?

    That is because most people use Windows. So Aperture is out of the question. Regardless what raw converter you use you will always need PS.
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    MacBook Pro : Best RAW Processing Software?

    Aperture through the Appstore is probably half the price ( 70 euro's) of Lightroom. At the moment the best raw engine is from Apple=Aperture.
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    How Would You Edit This Landscape Photo?

    Aperture & PS & Guy
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    Addicted to dof You'll also will find the Canon 1.2 there.
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    Capturing Stills from 4K Video with the EOS-1D C

    Very interesting and yes, pity about the price.
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    Which iMac

    So its is turning into mac vs the rest. Back on topic. ;) The cheapest iMac will do the trick for your needs easily. I agree with paul13walnut5 that getting a ssd or fusion is the bigger difference. Just got the mini i7 and have Apple put in the ssd(256) and working with Aperture and Photoshop...
  13. Tov's D800 price is killing me!!!

    You pay more than the original prize in the UK when customs get their hands on the camera.
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    Post Your Best Landscapes

    standard mill - ter Haar
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    Recommendations Amsterdam

    Or Delft, birthplace of Johannes Vermeer. You get of the train, you cross the street and you are in the old part of Delft. With canals, buildings, houses, churches as they were 4 hundred years ago and less tourist. Its smaller then A'dam but you get a better feel of how things were around...