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    Major Canon announcements in February and May of this year [CR2]

    What makes you think “unknown type of body” in May isn't a 5D V?
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    Will dSLR's be sustained only by nostalgia?

    While I generally agree with your post, I am not sure we can state this last bit with such confidence. I use the R. I like the R. Aside from sports, I probably use it 90% of the time. But, after months of doing so, I'm just not that confident that we are on the verge of a major breakthrough that...
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    Will dSLR's be sustained only by nostalgia?

    Wow! You really swing back and forth like a pendulum. One post you are contritely acknowledging that you're overreacting. The next time you are accusing everyone who disagrees with you of being overly sensitive and angry. The only thing that makes me angry is when people distort and...
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    Will dSLR's be sustained only by nostalgia?

    That's because some people don't read the actual quote, but only read the misleading headlines. Others confuse the opinions of the writer with the actual statement of the person in the know.
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    Will dSLR's be sustained only by nostalgia?

    No we haven't.
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    Canon Speedlite 600EX II-RT $399 (Reg $579), is a new flagship Speedlite coming?

    That's less than refurbished and even less than the price from reputable used dealers. I'm guessing the next model will incorporate the nifty AI technology, which could be fun but really only useful when shooting with single speedlight.
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    Will dSLR's be sustained only by nostalgia?

    I really don't understand the religious fervor of some mirrorless users. I own and like the R. It has strengths that a DSLR does not have. I use it when I need or prefer those advantages. But, I also own and use both the 5DIV and 1Dx II. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses. My opinion is...
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    BCN Awards: Canon sweeps the sales awards

    Thanks @canonnews. One thing I did find interesting is that after being #2 in lenses for the past three years, Sigma fell off the radar this year. I'm guessing a couple of reasons could be that they really didn't release any blockbusters this year (the 60-600mm not generating the excitement of...
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    Oh for God's sake. How many times are we going to have to deal with idiots distorting what was actually said. Nothing particularly surprising or noteworthy here. And, certainly nothing saying Canon is in any way dropping or abandoning the EF lens lineup.
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    Two new EOS R bodies coming in the first half of 2020 [CR3]

    That you for sharing this story. I had not seen it and although it is now a few months old, it is informative and provides a nice factual counterbalance to the uninformed opinions so often shared on this site. No doubt, these are challenging times for the camera industry, especially after so...
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    Will dSLR's be sustained only by nostalgia?

    I get that people want to have clarity and be reassured that if they have moved or are moving to mirrorless that they are making the right decision. But, how is that in Canon's best interest? Canon is not going to walk away from a huge share of their market. They are going to continue to make...
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    Will dSLR's be sustained only by nostalgia?

    Another core misconception here is that mirrorless development will go forward, while DSLR development will remain stationary. That's not going to happen. Companies will continue to refine and improve DSLR performance, often using the technologies developed for mirrorless, just as mirrorless...
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    Will dSLR's be sustained only by nostalgia?

    The title for this thread betrays your bias. The implication seems to be that DSLRs are old and "nostalgic." While mirrorless are new and "hip." I don't think that's the case at all. Rather, different form factors have different strengths. At some point one form factor may be able to do...
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    Canon shows off new concept cameras at CES 2020

    Wait...what...I thought Canon didn't innovate.
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    Potential Canon EOS R Mark II specifications [CR1]

    That's really a stretch, but whatever...