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    A leaked document suggests that Canon has a 63mp full frame image sensor in the works.

    Isn't a 60MP 35mm sensor overkill for security cameras?
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    The fastest memory cards for your Canon EOS RP

    CFexpress will take time to catch and it's prices to drop. In the meanwhile, I'll be happy to get two of those already working UHS-II cards, and save myself the risk of bending pins.
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    Is a brand new 32.5mp APS-C sensor from Canon on the way? [CR1]

    Nope. New cameras need new sensors. It's a goal. Canon has more than one.
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    Canon color - vs other systems color

    So though the photographer would shoot raw, he'd still like the OOC JPEG to be good enough to skip processing of as many photos as possible, hence the review. I would expect wedding photographers to shoot raw & JPEG in parallel, and batch processing is indeed an option, but OOC JPEG would...
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    Canon color - vs other systems color

    I feel less comfortable talking about pros, as I don't count myself as such, but I've heard some pros like to use OOC JPEGs as well to save time on processing. E.g. the example you gave - when shooting sports events such as the Olympics, speed of publishing in newspapers and web sites might be...
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    Patent: Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 with apodization filter

    My photography teacher said (about shooting portraits en face), in a nicer way, that the more prominent the customer's nose is, the longer the lens he would use, even 300mm. I don't shoot portraits for a living, I would be happy to use a 70-200mm f/2.8 for those. I want fast primes for low...
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    Canon color - vs other systems color

    A lot of lower end DSLRs (xxxxD, xxxD) owners leave the dial on auto, and shoot JPEGs. Not all beginners' photography courses teach raw processing. I went to a good beginners' course in a local college that had three lectures a week (the history of photography, photography as art, and...
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    Canon executives say a lot more coming in 2019

    Canon's CEO is Fuji Mitarai? Hmmm...
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    Patent: Lots of small, light and fast EF prime lenses

    Maybe the patent behind the CN-E 20mm T1.5 FP?
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    Canon announces the Canon IVY CLIQ+ (Zoemini S) and Canon IVY CLIQ (Zoemini C) instant camera printers

    Yeah, lets encourage people to take photos of themselves from up close with wide lenses, and see if they complain.
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    Patent: Quad Pixel autofocus image sensor

    If Canon makes a QPAF sensor, would it be debayered same as DPAF (= sum four sub pixels of same color, and interpolate colors same as non *PAF sensor), or would it gain by adding four adjacent sub pixels as in the orange squares, and not interpolating color at all?
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    Patent: Quad Pixel autofocus image sensor

    AFAIK, the pixels don't cover 100% of the sensor area, and the microlenses concentrate the light into the active area. Thus, as long as the four sub pixels have the same total area as the pixel whence they were split, everything should be fine.
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    Patent: Quad Pixel autofocus image sensor

    Not necessarily. X pixels in DPAF translates into 2X value in the raw files. X pixels in QPAF would translate into 4x values in raw file. So for the same resolution you'd get a raw file twice as large, question is whether Canon would make a QPAF sensor with the same resolution. Apparently it...
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    Canon EOS Rebel SL2/200D replacement next from Canon?

    My first SLR (Minolta, late nineties) had a 35-70mm kit lens. I felt a little limited, but I didn't get a 24mm equivalent until I bought an EOS 450D in 2008. That EF-S 18-55mm made me feel limited, and my late uncle (a pro photographer) told me I'm spoiled. He was right - nowadays I feel...