Husband, Father, Photographer, Camera Repair Tech, Macintosh Developer.

I like things to stay simple. I have a love for the classics. By nature I'm not a people person. I enjoy the silent moments in life. Born poor in rural Kentucky, I know what poverty feels like. I also know why we should appreciate the simple things in life. I can tell you first hand, money does not make you happy. It only helps navigate you through this world we live in. You can only find happiness within yourself.

At this moment, the cameras listed below are my personal favorites to capture with.
Deardorff 8x10

Horseman 450EMII

Medium Format 645DF+ / Credo Digital Back

Canon 1D X

Leica M8

Canon 5D MK II

Canon 20D

Bronica SQ-A

Pentax 6x7

Mamiya RB-67

Mamiya RZ-67

Hasselblad 500 C/M

Kiev 60

Leica M3 "DS"

Leica M6

Canon FT QL

Canon F-1

Canon A-1