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    Why has Canon omitted 24p 4K recording in their new cameras such as the EOS M6 Mark II, EOS 90D and EOS RP?

    The answer is more than obvious. For regular user there's no difference between 24p, 25p and 30p, so he won't care about omission of 24p. But for serious video guys 24p is a workhorse framerate, and they will be forced to pay for advanced cameras (even if they could be served by cheap ones...
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    The RF 24-240mm f/4-6.3 IS is coming soon

    Such a lens can be a deal breaker for those who are still reluctant about switching from EF to RF. I made a switch from EF to FE with FE 24-240 in mind. If it was today, I'd have a serious consideration about staying with Canon.
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    Review: Canon EOS RP by DPReview

    It's not what you usually call "Dpreview review", but just a nice video.
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    5 axis IBIS coming to next Canon EOS R series camera [CR2]

    But... We were told numerous times after EOS R announcement that IBIS is not necessary?
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    Updated list of unreleased Canon gear

    I hope that entry level EOS R will be around 1500$ and have IBIS.
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    SHOTEN releases a complete series of Canon RF Lens mount adaptors

    Someone who has existing manual lenses adapted to EF. And doesn't have/need native EF lenses at all.
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    Review: Canon RF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM

    True. Luckily, there's an easy way to test both EF and mirrorless lenses on a single camera. They can either ignore in-camera corrections, or make an agreement with original manufacturer. The very latest Sigma lenses support in-camera corrections on Canon bodies.
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    Review: Canon RF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM

    On DXOMark the tests are performed on EOS 5DSR and A7RII respectively. The latter has less MP. I also owned the EF24-105/4L, used it on 5D and 6D. The quality was OK for zoom lens, but not up to standards of consumer-grade primes, like 50/1.4, 40/2.8 and Tamron 45/1.8. But this lens is 13 years...
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    Review: Canon RF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM

    Compared to the EF 24-105mm f/4L IS II, Bryan found the RF version to be slightly sharper ... — But it sounds like "As poor as it gets". Here is (completely unscientific) comparison of DXO sharpness score vs. release year for genuine Canon EF glass (white) and Sony FE (red). Two 24-105...
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    Is the Canon EOS 5DS series to be replaced by a mirrorless camera? [CR1]

    Sounds very reasonable. Canon still must release the high-MP EOS R body to complement new L-class RF lenses. And present 5DS cameras are outdated, waiting for replacement for too long. There's no sense in releasing both MILC and DSLR of same class with little delay, making them fight each other.
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    The Canon announcements will be sometime around 3:00 AM Eastern Time on September 5, 2018

    Thanks for London time, which is equal to UTC. Saved me a couple of minutes for googling the time zones. It will be noon in Russia. :)
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    Opinion: Canon is causing its own problems with the RF mount

    That's a common mistake. The stock photos of sensor are made from large distance, otherwise it's really difficult to make a good lighting. The lens projects the image on sensor from the distance of 18 mm. Even from 4 cm, the corners are obvious:
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    Opinion: Canon is causing its own problems with the RF mount

    Back in 2004 you were perfectly right. In 2018, it's not like that anymore. Mounting a good APS-C lens on 30 MP FF body would give you around 12 MP. It is plenty. It could be an opportunity for seamless upgrading from cropped camera (especially considering the fact that the FF mirrorless is made...