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    Anyone with a 600mm II want to help me ID what these parts are?

    I called Canon, it was a bit of back and forth as even they didn't have anything listed in their parts catalog for straps! After some snooping around, it appears the wide strap B is the official strap for the 300/400/500/600 mk2 family. The official listing only specifies compatibility with the...
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    Anyone with a 600mm II want to help me ID what these parts are?

    I'm sorry but I'm afraid I don't follow privatebydesign... I have the case, just not the strap to the case? Buying a whole case just for the missing strap seems... excessive? On another note, the page for the case (both B&H and Canon) also appears to not mention anything about a strap either.
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    Anyone with a 600mm II want to help me ID what these parts are?

    Thanks Neuro! It appears my used copy is missing the monopod foot and both the case and lens straps. I'm not too upset about the straps but that foot is a bummer. I do intend to use the lens on a monopod... I also noticed that Canon doesn't list any of these things in their lens accessories...
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    Anyone with a 600mm II want to help me ID what these parts are? This is an image from eBay, I've tried to contact the seller with little luck. Maybe you guys here know. I recently got a 600mm Mk II used but i suspect it's not complete. So I'm curious as to what the retail lens actually comes with...
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    Patent: EF-S 10mm f/2.8 BR and EF 35mm BR Optical Formula

    I'm not sure if the person above me is being serious, but: BR = blue spectrum refractive
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    *UPDATED* Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Specifications & Image

    Re: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Specifications & Image He's referencing the picture used as the "thumbnail" for this news post (obvious photoshop). I don't think he saw the actual photo in the article as you had to expand the article on the front page to see the actual link to the leaked image...
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    free upgrade to Windows 10 - yes or no?

    Like Vista before it, there will come a time when Windows 7 will be retired as well... If you had Win 10, the machine might remain relevant for a little while longer... It keeps options open. On the other hand, by the time Win 7 is retired, you might just buy a new PC anyways and this...
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    Newer computer worth it?

    Meh... It's a generation older but slightly higher clocked. If it's any better you're talking about a few percentage points at best. The biggest you would gain from that would be flexibility with HDs (being able to have more than one) and the ability to add a higher performing video card for GPU...
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    Canon Announces the Speedlite 430EX III-RT Flash

    It means in RT mode, it's both master and slave. in the old mode (optical mode, like the 580EX) it can only be a slave.
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    Adobe Lightroom 6 Coming This Week?

    looks like there will be a LR6 (US website)
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    Lens advice for shooting Yellowstone winter

    Just got back from Yellowstone actually... I had 7D Mk2 + 2x + 600mm Mk2. The reach was "acceptable". There were a few instances where the 70-200 came in handy. Do bring something for landscapes as well. Things you could see in the winter: Bison, Wolves, Coyotes, Red Foxes, Grizzly (there's...
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    Canon EOS 5DS & EOS 5DS R Press Release

    Re: Canon EOS 5DS & EOS 5DS R Press Release Does that mean the image will be magnified in the optical viewfinder in crop mode? Or will the optical viewfinder be "cropped" when in crop mode?
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    New Firmware Coming for EOS 5D Mark III

    Just got my 5Dmk3 from the Canon Jamesburg, NJ facility. I sent it in 12/29 for cleaning. firmware is still 1.2.3...
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    5D3 + teleconverter + Telescope

    I have confirmed that the dandelion autofocus confirmation chip DOES NOT work for this purpose. The body is fooled into thinking it's an EOS lens, but the teleconverter isn't buying it. I suspect it's because the EF conconveter is expecting 3 more pins to provide data that the AF confirmation...
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    5D3 + teleconverter + Telescope

    that might work... I will look into this. Thank you! Wei