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    New EOS 7D Mark II Firmware Available Tomorrow

    Thanks for the help Don. I appreciate it.
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    New EOS 7D Mark II Firmware Available Tomorrow

    Hmm... when I download it, the size is 28.7 MB (30.182.064 bytes) but the canon site says it should be 30.35 MB. I have windows 7 64 bit. I've downloaded it three times and no change. Any suggestions?
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    Spartans, What is your profession?

    I'm an archaeologist working in the western United States. Vice President and with the company 34 years. Archaeologists don't retire. When you die, they label your skull and put you on a shelf.
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    EOS 5D Mark III Replacement Talk [CR2]

    +1 Same here.
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    Talk about your ef 300mm f/2.8

    This is a very timely thread since I'm in the market for VI or II. I'd be using it for wildlife shots with 1.4 or 2. I like the versatility of it. I'm leaning towards the VI since there's almost a $2000 difference in prices and if I dropped the sucker, I don't think I'd feel good for quite a...
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    Extender EF 2X III Help

    It's pretty snug Dylan. Once its locked in, it doesn't move. The contacts look clean too.
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    Extender EF 2X III Help

    I bought 2 X Mark III extender on ebay to use with a 300mm f2.8 II (which I haven't bought yet) and tried it out on my 5dMarkIII and 7dMarkII with my 70-200mm f2.8 lens. No autofocus at any aperture. I checked the autofocus on the lens and it was on. Did I make a mistake in my assumptions...
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    Share 3x your own advice to yourself!

    1. see what is in the background 2. buy the best glass the first time 3. when you "zoom" with your feet watch where you are going.
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    BIRD IN FLIGHT ONLY -- share your BIF photos here

    +1 Excellent work.
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    7d mk2 seems very soft?

    I just checked his flicker page too and they are impressive. Great moose shots too. You should teach or at least have your own website. Nice work.
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    7d mk2 seems very soft?

    westr70, can you tell me which version of DPP came with the camera? Thanks Sue It is Hope that helps.
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    7d mk2 seems very soft?

    Nice. So I am guessing that there was no difference between Live View and normal AF as you shoot through the viewfinder. I don't typically use liveview since I'm generally doing BIF. So far the images are great. Thanks for your help.
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    7d mk2 seems very soft?

    Okay, I have resolved my DPP issue. I had been using the most recent version and that didn't seem to work. I installed the one I got with the camera and that worked just fine. The resulting test pictures (raw) out of the camera were great once they were converted to TIFF and then to...