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    Canon officially announces the Canon EOS R system

    I am going to give the Sony a try if it works out I will go that direction. The glass looks nice, but if I have to invest in a new mount I am not going to wait as Canon continues to drag their feet with the bodies.
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    News Flash: Good news for some, bad news for others

    Mehh Sony looks more appealing at this point. I will wait for the official specs
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    Another Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS III Mention [CR2]

    Glad to see Canon keeping their lens lineup fresh.
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    Photomatix or Aurora

    Tried Aurora and it was slow on my windows machine compared to photomatix. Also no batch process on windows. That said it looks nice and has a much friendlier interface.
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    Aurora HDR 2018 Comes in September as the Ultimate Cross-Platform HDR Photo Solution

    Will the windows software have all the same features as the Mac software? Is there a beta?
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    Canon EOS 6D Mark II w/24-70mm f/4L IS Kits Delayed

    Could it be Canon creating artificial scarcity or supply problems? The body ranks 13th in DSLR cameras on Amazon The 24-105 kit ranks #164 in DSLR Cameras on Amazon So these don't appear to be flying off the shelf unless I do not understand Amazons sales rank
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    New Instant Rebates on EOS 5D Mark IV, EOS 7D Mark II and EOS 77D Kits

    No, I would avoid them. If you want Grey Market try this
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    Deal: Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II $1649 (Reg $2199)

    New the printer will sell for 180 on Amazon with UPC removed, so you walk away with the lens for under 1500.
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    Antarctica pics

    Great shots, how did you get there if you don't mind me asking?
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    Sony a6500 Announced

    Wow those are some impressive stats on paper. Lets see how this will compares to the M5 in the real world.
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    Companies that process RAW files

    I have not used them yet, but I must admit the idea is appealing. At least to all the basic work. These are the companies that were recommenced on another forum. The Image Salon FotoFafa RDFL I am currently considering The Image Salon
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    Anyone upgrading?

    Which Medium format film camera are you using or do you recommend? I have been wanting to get one but I think I set my sights too high bidding on Hasselblad 500 without much luck. That said I do have an EOS 3 and I too have been really surprised with people positive reaction to real film.
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    Anyone upgrading?

    Nice! I thought long and hard about the 645Z. At the end of the day I went back to what I know with the Canon 5dsr to compliment my 5d3's. Pentax seems to be putting out some nice gear with the medium format and the K-1.
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    Anyone upgrading?

    To the 5d Mark IV for wedding photography? I am on the fence if I will be getting one or not at this point. I could not imagine waiting too long ;D
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    More Canon EOS M5 Images & Specifications

    It is not only what people want, they are expecting 4K. Look at all the other small mirrorless cameras released this year from Sony, Fujifilm, and Panasonic. Just look at the bestsellers at BH in mirrorless.