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    Deal: Canon EOS 6D Mark II w/Canon BG-21 Grip, SD Card and more $1199

    Yeah, but who in their right mind would be considering the 6Dii? Budget photographers who don't mind an older sensor with crippled features? Maybe people looking for a backup, but then they probably aren't interested in the extras.A few hundred dollars more gets you a R or 5DS.
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    Two new EOS M cameras rumoured to be coming in 2020 [CR1]

    Contracting market, more models than we need, what could go wrong?
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    Patent: Canon RF 70-240mm f/4 IS and RF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS

    not making a 400mm f5.6, I'll cry about that :)
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    Canon EOS 90D promotional video appears to have leaked

    Not sure I'd say universally and I'm pretty sure the RP isn't considered great, the 7d II wasn't great either, nor the 5d iv (from some users). Better than the sum of their parts is what you say when trying to find a reason to like something.
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    An RF super telephoto zoom on the way, likely in late 2020 [CR1]

    An updated 400mm f5.6 would be even better.
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    Canon will reclaim their full-frame megapixel crown [CR1]

    Canon fanboys will always be able to harp on about how ergonomics and Canon colors are the most important things, sensors hardly seem to matter to Canon users, at least that is what Canon fans have been saying for years.
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    Canon officially announces the RF 85mm f/1.2L USM

    With falling sales, increasing prices in a smaller market is the only way to go: that seems to be the intention of Canikon and Sony. Pros will buy this anyway, after that the price may come down to where it should be, around 2200.
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    Canon’s new instant cameras have leaked ahead of launch

    This is a huge money earner for Fuji. If this has an effect on their profits, which is likely it's a huge deal. Fuji has been bankrolled by their instant camera sales to some extent.
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    Interview: Canon execs talk EOS RP with Imaging Resource

    I'm pretty sure we'd all like to know why they can't make a cutting edge sensor to match Sony/Nikon. That question doesn't get asked though. Or maybe asking how many more years do Canon users have to put up with a sensor that can't match the main competitors. The problem remains that many...
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    UK pricing and ship date for the Canon EOS RP [CR1]

    The Canon will also be missing decent video, this is a budget camera with cut down specs to try and tempt people who don't need modern features like IBIS.
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    Canon EOS RP Specifications & Images

    It has the Canon colors and ergonomics, so that's enough to keep the Canon faithful happy. They lived with the 7d ii sensor being poor, with the fact that Sony's sensors always seem to be a step above Canon's, but hey, when you are the market leader(overall) and have great colors you can afford...
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    We’ve returned to the 26.2mp sensor in the EOS RP

    So if you don't need performance buy a Canon! Not sure that's going to be a good marketing strategy.
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    Canon to announce at least 6 new RF lenses next week

    Looks pretty even Stevens to me with Canon, Nikon and Sony. These lens releases don't make much difference to existing Nikon and Sony professionals. Not many wedding pros want to use a 85mm f1.2 lens, that is one big heavy lens. All this tells me is that Canon are on the right track with lenses...
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    Canon EOS RP to cost $1599? [CR1]

    If they cripple it too much, then who buys it? You my as well save your money and get the R. $1400 or less would have been a better choice. $1600 just seems too close in price to the Sony and Nikon, and I'd have to guess this won't come close to those cameras.
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    Canon #1 in Japanese market share for both DSLR and mirrorless in 2018

    Imagine what they could do if they had Sony sensors. Oh hold on, everyone should buy Canon because of the lenses and the colors, right? Thankfully we have Sony, Fuji and Nikon as competitors so we have some technical innovation, maybe this is the year Canon surprise us with some great cameras...