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    Ducks at the Cincinnati Zoo

    I took these photos in about 1.5 hours at the Cincinnati zoo two days before Christmas. I used a Canon 1DX Mark II with an 800mm lens attached to a Wimberley gimbal head. As the light changed quickly as the birds moved around, I did not use my favorite manual exposure, but instead opted for...
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    Foxy Fox Squirrels

    These fox squirrels are both abundant and super approachable in a downtown park in Seymour, IN. I use a Canon 1DX II and a Canon 800mm lens with an AF microadjustment of -3 to hit sharp focus. As the light was changing continually, I used my preferred Autoexposure mode of Auto ISO, and manual...
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    Shaggy Mane Mushroom Family

    I did a 6-shot focus stack using f/8 with the Canon 180mm macro and Canon 5D Mark IV. I tripped the shutter the easy way by using the 2-second self-timer while touching the LCD screen that is set to sensitive. Naturally, the lens is mounted on a tripod with the collar and exposure is set by...