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    Photographic Fraud

    Don't know how this guy thought he would get away with it but he did for a while... A Kellyville-based wedding photographer allegedly fleeced more than $170,000 from camera hire companies who loaned him professional equipment that he later pawned. Mark Jones, 47, who ran a wedding photography...
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    Ice Hockey - share your best shots

    You'r moving closer to deep winter and the NHL season has kicked off, so it must be about time to share some of your best ice hockey shots. Down here, it's mostly over until April next year but here's a few I took at a recent tournament.
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    No one sees it like you....

    I saw this video at a presentation last year and been looking for it online ever since. Watch in fullscreen HD - its just awesome :)
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    Lens advice

    Hi all I'm about to pull the trigger on getting a 5D3 and was thinking about a lens or 2 to go with it. I currently have a 60d and an 1100d with ef-s18-55, 50-250, Tamron 17-50 f2.8, Canon 70-200 f2.8 and Sigma 150-500 lenses. I currently shoot just about anything but portraits aren't a...
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    Who's up for a game?

    I'd probably finish up with all the properties on Spray and Pray Avenue ;D