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    IS mess up the edge sharpness of EF-M 11-22 on M50

    I just notice that the edge sharpness of my 11-22mm on my M50 is not good. After investigation, I found out that is caused by the IS function of the lens. I tried the lens on my M2. It has the same problem. Due to the lower resolution of the M2, the problem is not that obvious. Has anyone seen...
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    M50, Exposure meter does not seem to tie into the focal point.

    I just found out that exposure measurement does not tie to the focal point. In the same scenery, I can set the focal point to bright, or dark area, the exposure still come up the same. The dark is still dark , the bright is still bright, under both cases. That is true for P, Tv and Av. Is there...
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    Travel with 28-135 EF and M50

    I know this is "odd". I did it just for the fun of it. I am not a big fan of telephoto lenses. Pro: focus almost as fast as other EF-M. resolution is about (or just s touch below)the 18-55 EF-M. The M50 will choose the minimum speed based on focal length. Con: Heavy. Contrast is below the...
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    EOS M50 Help Manual

    I was looking at the official EOS M50 Manual on the USA Canon website. It seems pretty useless . I found a EOS M50 Help Manual in the Hong Kong Canon website. It is a lot more useful. If anybody has found a better manual for EOS...
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    Survivability of Ms and the lenses upon dropping.

    So far I have drop ALL my Ms and the lenses under the following conditions. They have all survived. Anyone wants to share their experience? 22mm with M in Dashpoint 30 from 4 feet on cement 18-45mm with M on wooden floor from 3 ft, broke the lens hood 11-22mm on M2 drop to cement from 1...
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    Hop-On Hop off Bus, M and Adapter

    I was on the Hop-on Hop-off bus in Europe for a few dates. This is an eye-opener. The Slow AF of the M makes it become useless. A good MF lens will be a good solution assuming the adapter is in "perfect" registration for the extension. After getting home I try my old Summicron 2/35 (56 mm in 35...
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    Lens Caps and Lens Caps for EF-M lenses

    All my lens caps for my EF-M lenses (18-55mm, 11-22mm and 22mm) have a tendency to fall off from the lens or from my hand easily. I cannot even recall how many times that I have to pick them up from the ground. My new way to combat the problem is to use lens hood on all three lenses and not even...
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    EOS-M in Turkey

    Most of the members are using EOS-M as a back up or for light duty usage. I was using the EOS-M as my ONLY camera on a 12 day land tour in Turkey. I would like to share my experience with you. Equipment: EOS-M, 22/2.0, 18-55mm Zoom, 90/4.0 Elmer, 35/2.0 Summicron, 8X32 binocular, SD 800 IS (as...
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    Rokinon 12/2.0 or 11-22mm zoom?

    I am doing a "field test" in Turkey. I have the both the 22/2.0 and the 18-55mm zoom, along with 90/4.0 Elma and 35/2.0 Summicron. I found out that the 18mm end of the 18-55 zoom seems to be quite a bit narrower than the 17mm end of my 17-40mm with my old 40D. Now I realize that I need...
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    EOS M with Magic Lantern, shutter cannot release

    I have been using ML since July 25 this year on my EOS-M with 8G SD card. No problem untill today. The problem: after the camera has been turn on, the EOS-M will AF but will not release the shutter. The only way to make it work is to release the lens and reinstall the lens (both with the camera...
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    EOS-M and Magic Lantern

    Has anybody used the Magic Lantern on EOS-M?? What is your experience of Magic Lentern on M??Thanks.
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    A quick and un-orthodox user impression (review) on the EOS M

    I finally got my M upon good advices from the members of this forum. Thanks. There are many excellent review on the M. Therefore I am trying not to repeat what has been done. 1. AF speed: This is the weak point for a few people. Coming from 40D and 20D. It is good enough for me even with the...
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    Another EOS M grip

    Has any body ever use this? It is only 7mm thick.