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    Dubai tips ???

    Going for first time in late March, so advice on gear and what to do/photo would be appreciated.
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    600mm options

    Try the Sony RX10iv at the 600mm setting. Probably better than you might think.
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    Suggestions / Issues with the New CR Site

    I'm truly sorry, but I really miss the old site. (BTW, I never view the site on any of my mobile devices, only my PC.)
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    When I go on safari, what’s in my camera bag?

    First, protect whatever equipment you carry. The extremely fine powdery dust (think: baking flour) will get everywhere.
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    What is a Canon FD 200/2.8RF ?

    RF for "Rear focusing" makes sense, but odd that they did not call it the MII version.
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    What is a Canon FD 200/2.8RF ?

    I was looking at which lenses would fit the Canon FD to EOS converter (the 1.26x version) and noticed that it would fit the "FD 200mm f/2.8RF". Anyone know what that lens is? See attached compatibility table.
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    General purpose f/2.8 zoom for 80D?

    For wide stuff, seriously consider the Tokina 11-20/2.8.
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    Why Would I use Canon's DPP?

    OP here. I have been following all replies, and some new thoughts, too, and wish to thank you all. You obviously know way more than I about this stuff. (I did upload Elements 2018 just now so I feel a BIT more savvy.)
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    Why Would I use Canon's DPP?

    I don't really relish PP all that much, and am perfectly happy with Elements and a few plug-ins. I never use RAW, and have no interest in video. I do try my best to practice good in-camera technique for my stills. That said, what am I missing by not using Canon's DPP?
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    Show your Bird Portraits

    Spotted Owl #2 - Ranthambore A pair of chicks. Shot from back of safari vehicle. Handheld. With Lumix FZ1000.
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    Show your Bird Portraits

    Spotted Owl #1 - Ranthambore From back of safari vehicle. Handheld. Canon 80D with 55-250.
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    Rapid-Fire AEB for M-Series ?

    Thank you, Photorex. I will look into the latest M-series bodies with latest Digic processors.
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    Rapid-Fire AEB for M-Series ?

    I shoot most of my stills using AEB, and rapid sequential shots are quite important for HDR and other stuff. (The original G7X was abysmal, for instance.) I am not familiar with the workings of the M-Series Canons, and wonder if anyone out there can comment on which M-Series has good/bad time...
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    Looking for Tiny Body with WA

    Mistaspeedy: Thanks for the Lumix GM5 suggestion - looks promising. Will OM-D lenses fit on a GM5?
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    Looking for Tiny Body with WA

    Trying to find the best, and most importantly SMALLEST, combination of a body with a WA zoom lens at least as wide as 20mm equivalent. I have looked at the MFT Olympus PEN-F with their 9-18mm (18-36 equiv) but that's even too large. I will be using this combo as a fancy P&S, so don't really need...
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    Sigma 14mm f/1.8 Art @ LensTip

    This thing makes me droooooooool ... ;D
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    LensTip Review: Sigma 24-70 f/2.8 DG OS HSM Art

    This thing is just too heavy for me, but I love the IS. I guess my perfect solution is still to come. Or, perhaps I'll just stick with my trusty 24-70/4 L IS. If only Canon would just add IS to theirs with minimal weight increase ...
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    Sigma 100-400 + TC-1401 will not AF on 6D

    Purchased this combo specifically to use on my trusty Canon 6D, but disappointed to learn that it will not AF. The lens alone works fine. This anomaly was confirmed by Sigma tech rep. Something to the effect that AF on 6D will not work when max aperture exceeds f/8.
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    Show your Bird Portraits

    GHO Portrait Great horned owl in cottonwood tree. Suburban park, Denver, CO. Shot with a Lumix FZ300. Post in Elements 14.
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    The "Lowly" Canon SL1

    Just for fun: The north face of the Pantheon in Rome, with piazza fountain in foreground. Taken with SL1 and Canon 10-22 at 10mm f/9. Sky added in Landscape Pro 2. Perspective correction in Elements 13. I love carrying this easy-on-the-shoulder combo with me all day. Any other good shots to...