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    Dubai tips ???

    Going for first time in late March, so advice on gear and what to do/photo would be appreciated.
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    What is a Canon FD 200/2.8RF ?

    I was looking at which lenses would fit the Canon FD to EOS converter (the 1.26x version) and noticed that it would fit the "FD 200mm f/2.8RF". Anyone know what that lens is? See attached compatibility table.
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    Why Would I use Canon's DPP?

    I don't really relish PP all that much, and am perfectly happy with Elements and a few plug-ins. I never use RAW, and have no interest in video. I do try my best to practice good in-camera technique for my stills. That said, what am I missing by not using Canon's DPP?
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    Rapid-Fire AEB for M-Series ?

    I shoot most of my stills using AEB, and rapid sequential shots are quite important for HDR and other stuff. (The original G7X was abysmal, for instance.) I am not familiar with the workings of the M-Series Canons, and wonder if anyone out there can comment on which M-Series has good/bad time...
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    Looking for Tiny Body with WA

    Trying to find the best, and most importantly SMALLEST, combination of a body with a WA zoom lens at least as wide as 20mm equivalent. I have looked at the MFT Olympus PEN-F with their 9-18mm (18-36 equiv) but that's even too large. I will be using this combo as a fancy P&S, so don't really need...
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    Sigma 100-400 + TC-1401 will not AF on 6D

    Purchased this combo specifically to use on my trusty Canon 6D, but disappointed to learn that it will not AF. The lens alone works fine. This anomaly was confirmed by Sigma tech rep. Something to the effect that AF on 6D will not work when max aperture exceeds f/8.
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    The "Lowly" Canon SL1

    Just for fun: The north face of the Pantheon in Rome, with piazza fountain in foreground. Taken with SL1 and Canon 10-22 at 10mm f/9. Sky added in Landscape Pro 2. Perspective correction in Elements 13. I love carrying this easy-on-the-shoulder combo with me all day. Any other good shots to...
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    Need Source for Equivalent f-stops, pls

    Does anyone out there know of a reliable source for equivalent f-stops for 1"-type sensors? Thanks in advance.
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    Advice for In-Camera Stabilization Body

    I have several vintage telephoto lenses, all the way from pristine Nikkors to well-worn Takumars to barely-usable Vivitars, and am seeking a used camera body with built-in stabilization that would allow use of these things, with stabilization, of course. I think only Pentax and Sony (?) make...
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    Anyone have a spare Million $$$ ?

    Interesting eBay post...
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    New Laowa 12mm f/2.8 Zero-Distortion

    Will be announced next week:
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    One good reason to shoot Canon over Nikon ...
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    CR Folks: Malicious Website upon Login ???

    Lately, my anti-virus software tells me that it has blocked a malicious website "attack" when I log in to CR. Is this specific to my PC, or something new to CR? Anyone else having this issue? NB: Just curious, nothing more.
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    Exakta Lens to EOS Body ?

    I find a Fotodiox adapter for this combination, but looks like there is a glass element to compensate for flange distance and/or infinity focus. Their description is vague, to say the least. Anyone have any experience with these adapters or similar? Does this combo NEED a glass element to...
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    Your most "exotic" lens ?

    I know for a fact that some of you have some pretty exotic stuff out there. Just for fun ... What's the most "exotic" lens (or camera) that you own? Pictures welcome, too !
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    Found: Fix for Complex Linear Distortion - Samyang 14/2.8

    (This is a follow-up to my previous post which garnered no replies. :-\ ) DxO OpticsPro 10 has a correction module which fixes (most of) the significant and complex linear distortion from the Samyang/Rokinon 14/2.8. Below is a "before and after" example, untouched except for the DxO...
  17. J

    Software for Complex Linear Distortion ???

    I have a Rokinon 14/2.8, which I love, but the complex (mustache-shaped) linear distortion near the edges really annoys me. Anyone know of a software fix that can correct most of it? (I wish I could afford the Canon 14/2.8L, but ...).
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    The 1-inch Sensor Myth (Fraud?)

    I am certain you all know this, but just to refresh your memory, there is no such thing as a 1-inch sensor, such as the new Nikon DL's seem to have. Our good friend, Ken Rockwell, has this explanation:
  19. J

    Trioplan 100/2.8 Substitute?

    The new Trioplan is WAY out of my price range, so wondering if there is a more affordable lens with similar characteristics. Anyone?
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    Sigma Rumors Website

    Anyone notice how their website has changed to the "mobile device format?" I know why they did it, but it has ended up pretty confusing with all the (junky) ads here and there. I long for the old format ... oh, well.