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    Canon EOS RP body price confirmed at $1299 USD, and we’re very happy about it

    As a fence sitter on the R series, I like the pricing at intro. My grandson may be inheriting an M6 sooner than I would have anticipated. The M6 served me well as a "toe in the water" for mirrorless. Unfortunately, Canon did not factor in the size of my hands, and my need to wear transition...
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    Apology to all forum members.

    He/She who is easily offended shall cast the 1st stone(1s), and might be better off as a pedestrian on the Information SuperHighway(ISH). I learn, at least something, everyday from this forum.
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    Lightroom Classic 2017 versus Lightroom CC - Nice Comparison

    Can an agin Canine-American learn new feats of illusion and dexterity? The answer is "Yes!", assuming you guys keep posting links like this. Thanks.
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    Canon Has 93 Reasons You Shouldn't Settle for Smartphone Photos

    iPhone 8 is an improvement & can be fired from my Apple Watch which helps hand held/marginally steadied. M6 and 5D IV can both connect to, and be triggered by the iPhone 8 when mounted, steadied, or hand held. For the internet, everything seems to be a go, but if you want to snap something...
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    What are your best shots of 2017?

    Damn, you lads are good! Well played.
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    Canon Rumors Turns 10 Years Old

    Re: Happy Birthday, Canon Rumors Turns 10 Years Old Today Well played laddie! Thank you & your team for the effort.
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    Fantastic Deals this Year: Thoughts, Opinions, Confessions

    Took a decent Turkey Day deal on a M6w/long lens, and got a deeply discounted EF-EOS M Adapter as my added bonus just in case. So far, M6 seems like it will make a great light travel camera, as I age and get more lazy. 8)
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    Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from Canon Rumors

    A very Merry 1D Xmas M2 to all! :)
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    Which software for video editing?

    Adobe Premiere Elements is OK for quick small projects Reasonably easy to learn, & a decent support forum for typical questions, plus the price doesn't break the bank. I'm a MAC person, but my expectations for the Windows version would be the same. HD speed & capacity, and memory size are...
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    Canon 85mm f1.4L IS USM First Impressions and images...

    Very nice body of work. I'm convinced!
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    Is There a Definitive 85 to Get?

    With my marginal talent, and aging hands, I like the sound of the 1.4 IS. Hopefully, it is also "easy to dance to".
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    We May Be Waiting a Little While Longer for a New 50mm Lens [CR2]

    Waiting for 50mmLensdot Or, was that 50mmLensdough? Will someone get Vladimir on the line post haste, eh?
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    How happy are you with your 5D Mark IV?

    Very trustworthy all around performer from the beach to fireworks. Touch screen is very handy for certain shots. I can carry it all day. unlike the brick which is now restricted to half days due to my agin carcass. :)
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    Lightroom 7 rumor

    No real problems with the subscription model(plus Canon software), not overly expensive, works well enough in my agin neanderthal hands. However, I think Apple might have missed the Ark, with Aperture. Full Disclosure: "I learned it first".
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    New DSLR Series Coming in 2018? [CR1]

    Interesting! Refreshing lenses this year, next year maybe bodies, eh? "M16" would imply AF w/alacrity & FPS w/celerity, but mostly I would like to see some sort of card standard before ponying up the $ for new bodies. I don't care what it is, but would like some sort of standard as my...
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    The Canon Rumors Buyer's Guide Launches

    Nice piece of work lads!
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    What is your Canon wish list ?

    M6 is starting to sound interesting, along with the new 85L IS. Looks like the grandchildren will inherit a S95 and a SL1, both still working well, but the test is what happens when in the hands of 5-9 year oldes. :)
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    Canon EF-S 35mm f/2.8 M IS STM Coming April 5, 2017 [CR3]

    Perhaps, the "M" is intended to be a silent letter, eh?
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    EF 50 1.2 L - rather buy older or newer copy of this lens?

    No issues with my (+/- 2103) 1.2. However, the new 35L is much easier for making those last second, adaptations to get the shot.