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    Canon Plays to the Base

    Thom Hogan has an article about playing to the base "Playing to the base is best because it retains customers in your ecosystem. You took time to build that ecosystem, after all, so you want to maximize your returns from it. That...
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    The Camera Store's Canon EOS M Hands-On Field Test

    This is an unusual test for The Camera Store, because it isn't a Canon love fest. I held a Canon EOS-M last Saterday. The ergonomics are not as good as a Sony NEX-5, but they are livable. I'd love to have a mirrorless home for my EF 85mm f/1.8, but not at this price, and not with outdated...
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    Nat Geo shooter Ben Horton compares Canon glass to Zeiss glass.

    Found on Photo Cine News Very interesting read. Lots of comparison photos. plus 100% crops.