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    LP-E17 - M3 Battery

    Don't see any alternatives besides the original canon battery. When can we expect third party batteries to flood the market.
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    AF Assist Beam

    Do any canon SLR's have Af assist built into the body? My 40D doesn't have one and it annoys the hell of me when i have to use onboard flash with those annoying strobes. Is their a techinical reason why they shouldn't be used. Canon point and shoot use them and the nikon 5200 has it as well.
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    Ebay Australia - Canon 5d Mark3 Body $2452 AUD CANON EOS 5D Mark III Body Full Frame 22MP DSLR Only 100 in stock From the webpage Terms and Conditions We cover 1 year seller warranty while the detailed terms are the same as official warranty from manufacturer. 14 day exchange or refund policy. Only one order...