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    Nikon, Canon to End Camera Development

    All comedy contains truth
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    Ken Rockwell lens photographs

    I think the image file name gives you a clue to the body he used...
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    AFMA/FoCal advice requested

    Thank you for the recieved advice. I guess biting the bullet and purchasing Focal is the best thing I can do. If after the trip I'm finding the focus with the 16-35 a problem it can go for a tune up. I'll be interested to see how my other dot tuned lenses compare with the focal results and will...
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    AFMA/FoCal advice requested

    I recently bought the canon 16-35mm F4L IS USM on the back of a wave of good reviews. Upon getting the lens in hand I've followed the lens testing advice here which was very useful. I've been finding the focus on the lens a little off...
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    National Geographic photographer Bob Krist explains why he moved to Sony

    what he doesn't do is illustrate his decision with one half descent picture! Certainly nothing that I would deem National Geographic worthy! Reading the alpha rumours link it seems his decision was based on wanting to be able to take "Run and Gun" video of money-rich but time-poor people on...
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    Rfp (request for pictures): remote wifi wildlife shots

    a refreshingly novel approach to wildlife welfare for a wildlife photog :-) as at the end of the day, most people don't care how the shots were taken :-( My work is all linked to biodiversity conservation, specificity the relationships that people have with different species and environments so...
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    Rfp (request for pictures): remote wifi wildlife shots

    Hi Everyone. I've been meaning to chip into this thread for a little while but have only just had a chance. I should start by saying that I've never owned a camera with Wifi but I can see a considerable number of benefits for wildlife shooting especially in situations where you can predict the...
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    first attempts at macro stacking, let's see some stuff. (beginners only please)

    Re: first attempt at stacking macro shots :: ) I know one photographer who puts his insects in the fridge just long enough for their metabolism to slow down to a point where they are almost asleep - and then shoots them. Then you should kick them squarely in the nuts and give their macro...
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    another...would you?

    The sigma is soft, you will be disappointed. I've not used the tamron but have seen enough from reviews to know that I will be disappointed with that too. With Tele lenses my personal rule is to keep saving until I can afford something that gives better results than just cropping from a good...
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    Tour de France crops

    Nice shots! I like the 2nd image best it has a good balance between the location and the action. I went for a slightly different angle...
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    What was the lowest temperature have you brought your gears into?

    when researching snow leopards in the mountains of western China (min altitude 3400m) my old 50D and sigma lenses went down to -25 in my tent most nights and suffered no ill effects other than the lcd screen seeming a little less responsive and the whole ensemble smelling a lot like yak buy the...
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    EF-s prime lenses?

    I'm going to Chime in on this one because I have a little relevant experience. A little over a year ago I decided to sell all of my camera equipment and step into the world of FF and L glass. the only problem with doing so was that I was living in China (where gear is even more expensive then...
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    High humidity destination: gear precautions

    I dont think I could have put it any better myself! Regardless of how weather-sealed you think your camera might be/not be a short trip to the tropics probably wont cause any damage. I'll be in Costa Rica myself in September (part of a 6 week hitch-hiking trip through Central America) and have...
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    Travel photos and help 5Dc, 40D or a rebel for beginer?

    Thanks for the advice everyone. seems like a relatively even split with a slight lean towards something form the rebel line (although a newer rebel is out of the price range so it will be something 500D era-ish). I guess that reflects the fact that its a hard decision to take with little to...
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    Travel photos and help 5Dc, 40D or a rebel for beginer?

    Much to my surprise my little brother just expressed an interest in learning photography! He has a go-pro 3 black edition which he uses to make surfing videos but I suspect the root of this new found interest is his new girlfriend who shoots a bit of film. Keen to encourage this new found...
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    New Wide Angles Lenses in 2013 [CR2]

    Are you me? This was exactly my thought when I read this. I cant afford the 14-24 but the 16-50 has got my attention. Will help plug a gap at the wide end and free up revenue for some nice filters/better tripod/85 f1.8 etc etc....
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    Making your expensive gear look like crap while traveling

    I thought Press photogs often taped so that in situations where lots of photographers are at an event the bright white logos and branding dont catch the flash and create distracting elements within each others photos...?
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    San Francisco Long Exposure Cityscapes!

    Looking again I think it might be that there's too much sky above the bridge for my taste and that has the effect of reducing the impact of the bridge and reflection... Perhaps its the small size of the picture. It might look awesome as a 40 inch print....
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    dissapointed 6d 100mm f2 and 24mm 2.8 (non l)

    well if they're not a personal attack and that's your normal way of offering advice, critique or just passing comment then I hope you dont have your heart set on a career as a diplomat...
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    San Francisco Long Exposure Cityscapes!

    Envious? or just not got any in a while? This is a place for constructive criticism which helps to develop the skills not only of the person brave enough to stick their photos above the parapet but for all those who follow the thread. Now go and drink a camomile tea and dont turn your computer...