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    Deal: Canon EF 400mm f/2.8L IS II $7999 (Reg $9999) and Canon EF 600mm f/4L IS II $9499 (Reg $11499)

    The shop was Cathay Photo and the price included GST Unfortunately it was the last 400 they had. They did offer me a 600mm F4 IS II for an extra S$1000
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    Deal: Canon EF 400mm f/2.8L IS II $7999 (Reg $9999) and Canon EF 600mm f/4L IS II $9499 (Reg $11499)

    Was in local camera shop last week when shop assistant tells me they have a new 400mm F2.8L IS II for just over 8K Sing dollar Was bonus time so left them with an empty box and strolled home with my new toy over my shoulder Paid S$8450 which is about $6200 US
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    EOS R, Canon BG-E22 Battery Grip review?

    I've not seen any reviews but bought one as soon as it was available. It definitely helps on the bigger lenses. Since I bought the 28-70 I very rarely use the R without it. After a shooting session I just plug into the USB and give it a top up
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    Miscellaneous Wildlife

    Thanks Click
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    Miscellaneous Wildlife

    Some shots with EOS R at Sungei Bulow Nature Reserve. Paradise Tree snake - EOS R and 100-400 and 1.4 TC Baby Monitor that I almost stood on EOS R with 100-400 MkII and 1.4 TC Robber Fly - EOS R and 100 F2.8 Macro and Kenko 7mm Ext tube
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    Show your Bird Portraits

    Apologies for the late reply, been a bit busy of late. I can concur with what he was experiencing with the 100-400 and the R in low light. Was thinking at the time that the fabled firmware update might resolve the issue. I updated firmware when it was released and managed a trip to Sungei today...
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    Show your Bird Portraits

    Usually happens when trying to focus on distant subjects like the bird in these photos and the previous focus isn't in range. The R was set to one shot with small FP but have experienced it using servo as well. I was using the 28-70 prior to the 100-400 and when I switched to the 100-400 and...
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    Show your Bird Portraits

    Thanks Jack, The R works flawlessly with my 200 F2. With the 100-400 II there is a reticence sometimes for it to focus and it needs a bit of assistance getting there. Once locked on it stays locked on
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    Show your Bird Portraits

    Thanks Click
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    Show your Bird Portraits

    Thanks Alan, The place can be quite frustrating at times, I had almost given up for the day when i came across the Sun bird
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    Show your Bird Portraits

    Copper Throated Sunbird at Sungei Bulow Nature Reserve in Singapore EOS-R and 100-400 II + TC1.4
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    Ended: Your favourite new lens from Canon in 2018

    28-70 F2 for me. Had no intention to buy it but not regretting it one bit
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    EF Mount: Most verstatile mount?

    I have used the 100-400 II with and without the 1.4tc and as long as focus limiter is set it is ok If not then it needs some time to get there or a little manual assistance. Used the 135f2 in low light and had some issues locking focus, again set the focus limit to 1.6m and it behaved better...
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    Using EF lenses on Canon EOS R

    Looks like focus distance information is only for RF lenses Not displayed with the EF 85 f1.4 L and menu option is greyed out
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    Capture One Pro 12 - For the EOS R...

    Looking at my old receipts a new one is due very shortly You can always sign up for their beta testing program
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    EOS R: Internal LCD monitor functionality when using HDMI-out for video

    I have an atomos ninja v though not used it too much 1) you have 2 options. EOS R LCD and the Hdmi screen or just the hdmi screen 2) with both outputs chosen you can use the EOS R lcd. Touch to focus works and menus ar navigable on the lcd 3) never tried 4) yes I was able to record to both...
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    Miscellaneous Wildlife

    A wee walk about with the R and the 100-400 mkii I came across a couple of water monitors getting a bit frisky.
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    Great Whites to EOS R: AF, AF-Tracking

    I took the 200 F2 and the 100-400 out for a spin on Sunday, unfortunately the weather turned which seemed to drive most of the wildlife away. The 200 F2 worked fine they few shots I got. AF covered the full frame as well and the touch screen focus worked. The 100-400 with the 1.4 TC struggled a...
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    EOS R first impressions - post your hands-on impressions here

    So far mines has not seen daylight or anything below 1600 Quite impressed with low level handling and the output. Was shooting both R and 5D4 at a gig on Sunday and when I switched to the 5D4 I thought I had left the lens cap on. Shot some 4K video on both and the R looks much better, again in...
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    The Canon EOS R will begin shipping to customers on October 9, 2018, if not sooner

    Got a WhatsApp saying I could collect my R body today Great, only issue is the R-EF adaptor is part of the Canon promotion deal and is not available till the 15th So until then I have a mirrorless and lensless Canon Lucky white heather