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  1. Glenn Bartley


    I'm just back from guiding our all new South Ecuador photo tour. We found some great birds down there. Here are a few 8) Green Thorntail Comb Duck Chestnut-breasted Coronet Amethyst-throated Sunangel Rainbow Starfrontlet
  2. Glenn Bartley

    A Few More from Colombia...

    Here's a few more from my recent Colombia Photo workshop. What an incredible country for birds!!! Scarlet-bellied Mountain Tanager Beautiful Jay Coppery-bellied Puffleg Beryl-spangled Tanager Colombia Favourites Gallery -...
  3. Glenn Bartley

    Green-bearded Helmetcrest

    Just home from Colombia leading a photo workshop. Prior to the trip I spent a few days in the highlands around Bogota where this guy was my #1 target. Success! G To see more from Colombia visit -
  4. Glenn Bartley

    A few more from Alaska...

    Here are a few more favourites from Alaska. Pacific loon Red Phalarope Buff-breasted Sandpiper In case anyone in interested I just updated my favourites page on my website - Cheers! Glenn
  5. Glenn Bartley

    A few from Brazil...

    Just a few captures from my recent Brazil trip. Cheers! Glenn Blue and Yellow Macaw Red-billed Scythebill Neotropic Cormorant Scarlet-headed Blackbird Ringed Kingfisher Jaguar Black-collared Hawk
  6. Glenn Bartley

    Eider-mania in Alaska

    Eiders are such cool ducks don't you think?? Last week I photographed the King, Spectacled and Steller's up in Alaska. I figured I'd add in a shot of the Common from a previous trip to Churchill to complete the quartet. Cheers! Glenn King Eider Spectacled Eider Steller's Eider Common...
  7. Glenn Bartley

    2 Mega Rare Birds from Alaska

    Last week I got insanely lucky while shooting in northern Alaska and was able to photograph noy only Ross's Gull but also Yellow-billed Loon. So lucky!!!! Glenn
  8. Glenn Bartley

    Winter Waterfowl - Harlequins, Brant and Surf Scoter

    Here are a few from my annual Vancouver Island Birds Photo Workshop. So nice to have some beautiful sunny days and cooperative subjects! Glenn
  9. Glenn Bartley

    A Few More from Jamaica...

    Here's a few more of my favourites from my Jamaica trip last month. Cheers! Glenn Jamaican Owl Jamaican Tody Red-billed Streamertail
  10. Glenn Bartley

    Black-billed Streamertail (Jamaica)

    Here's one from a recent shoot down in Jamaica. What a tail on this endemic hummingbird!!! Glenn
  11. Glenn Bartley

    Three more beauties from Colombia...

    I spent most of January down in Colombia shooting and guiding a photo workshop. Here are 3 more of my favourites from the trip. Full trip report here - Cheers! Glenn Empress Brilliant Blue-whiskered Tanager Golden-chested Tanager
  12. Glenn Bartley

    Three Stunners from Colombia...

    I spent most of January down in Colombia shooting and guiding a photo workshop. Here are 3 of my favourites from the trip. Full trip report here - Cheers! Glenn Multicolored Tanager Purple-backed Thornbill Scarlet-bellied Mountain Tanager
  13. Glenn Bartley

    A few favourites from 2017

    Here is one from each of my 4 main trips in 2017... The rest of my favourites from 2017 are here - Antillean Crested Hummingbird, Martinique Velvet Purple Coronet, Colombia Hyacynth Macaw, Brazil...
  14. Glenn Bartley

    Waterfowl from Chile

    Here are a few of the gorgeous species of waterfowl I found on my recent trip to Chile. Great Grebe Spectacled Duck White-tufted Grebe Patagonian Crested Duck Full Chile Gallery is here -
  15. Glenn Bartley

    Torrent Duck (Chile)

    The Torrent Ducks in Chile are SO MUCH darker than the ones I have seen in Ecuador and Peru. Such beautiful ducks! G
  16. Glenn Bartley

    Endemic Tapaculos of Chile

    Before heading to Chile this page in the field guide was the one that had me captivated. These strange endemic giant Tapaculos were the birds I wanted to photograph most on my trip. What can I say...Clean sweep!!!! Black-throated Huet Huet Chestnut-throated Huet Huet White-throated...
  17. Glenn Bartley

    Magellanic Woodpeckers (Chile)

    I'll have lots more from my recent trip to Chile soon. This species was my top target down there so I thought I'd start with them. They are really a spectacular bird!! Female Male
  18. Glenn Bartley

    A few from Brazil...

    Hi Guys, Here are a few from my recent trip to Brazil. What a beautiful country with lots of cool birds. Enjoy! Glenn Toco Toucan Capped Heron Hyacinth Macaw Scarlet-headed Blackbird Jabiru Pied Plover Nacunda Nighthawk Black-collared Hawk
  19. Glenn Bartley

    A few from the Prairies

    Here's a few from a recent road trip through the prairies. Cheers! Glenn
  20. Glenn Bartley

    White-capped tanager (Colombia)

    I just love this species. I finally got to photograph them last year on my Colombia trip for the first time. Then this year on my workshop we had an insane encounter with a pair of these guys. So loud. So big. So awesome!!! Camera Model: Canon EOS 7D Mark II Shutter speed: 1/400 sec Aperture...