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    Thoughts on the Canon EOS R roadmap

    He's not a child anymore. And he has put away childish things ;) People worth impressing are not impressed with cameras :sleep:
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    Thoughts on the Canon EOS R roadmap

    I bought my son a Full Frame Film Rebel when he was shooting for his school's newspaper. :) Today he uses a Samsung 10S + instead of Canon IL Cameras.
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    Thoughts on the Canon EOS R roadmap

    What I hope to see is a EOS R style replacement for the EOS 80D and the EOS 7D Mark II, plus some wide primes, aimed at the enthusiast and pro. What I expect to see is a Full Frame Rebel, a kit zoom and lots of slow (f/4-f/8) convenience zoom lenses (18-100, 100-200, 200-600, etc). Canon's...
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    5 axis IBIS coming to next Canon EOS R series camera [CR2]

    For me, having IBIS is a deal-breaker. I consider IBIS an unwanted and unneeded complication to an otherwise great camera. YMMV.
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    Two Canon EOS R series bodies coming in 2019 [CR2]

    I'd like to see a NO-Frills FF-R, Something minimalist using Leica M10 design principles. I don't need/want IBIS, Auto Focus, Video or High Frame Rate. A built-in flash, for fill, would be good. A Canon adapter to use LTM lenses from Canon/Leica rangefinder cameras would be great. While I'm...
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    Opinion: Canon is causing its own problems with the RF mount

    I couldn't agree less! Ditching the FD lens mount allowed Canon to leave Nikon in the dust—R mount could do the same to Nikon's Z. BTW I can not see any reason that I'd want to put a big/bulky R 50mm f/1.2 lens on a petite EOS M body. YMMV.
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    Here are the first images and specifications of the Canon EOS R and the new RF mount lenses

    How soon until Canon makes a full range of primes? For me, big/bulky zoomz.are a deal breaker. Is the 4k video amateur 3840×2160 (UHD) or professional 4096 × 2160 (DCI 4K)? Is there a native 4/3 and square (1x1) crop? The Leica L-Mount has an inner diameter of 48.8mm and a flange depth of...
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    Industry News: Panasonic to release a full frame camera September 25th

    It would make more sense for Panasonic to make an APS-C crop camera. In Hollywood Super35 aka ASP-C is the standard—Angénieux, Cooke, Fuji, Leica and Zeiss make both prime and zoom Cine Lenses for this format. - If Panasonic does make a rebranded SL, I'll be the first in line to purchase a...
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    Home Studio

    A PCB Einstein goes from 2.5 Ws to 640 Ws. A Broncolor Siros L 400 is 2-400Ws. A Broncolor Siros L 800 is 4-800Ws. All three cover a nine stop range, which should be enough for almost anything. Umbrellas spill little light, if you know what you are doing. They can be feathered just like a more...
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    Multiple APS-C Sensor PowerShot Cameras Coming? [CR2]

    How about a Ricoh GR II like camera An 18.3mm f/2.8 (28mm FullFrameFOV) prime lens with a 1.6 crop sensor. Made with the Canon 24Mp sensor, instead of 16Mp. I think that this would be the ultimate...
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    iPad Pro workflow

    The OP has two hands, but no table to set a laptop on. Don't you ever read replies ??? Re: iPad Pro workflow « Reply #2 on: June 11, 2017, 06:27:11 AM » Quote There is no room for a desk in my current room, and i don't want to use other shared spaces over the house for this. Moving again is...
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    iPad Pro workflow

    If you have access to a WiFi network, you can use DropBox, Amazon, whatever—Apple does not force yo to use iCloud :)
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    iPad Pro workflow

    Have you ever tried to hold a laptop with one hand ??? An iPad is like an artists sketch pad, not a computer.
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    Canon Calculators

    Book-keepers and accounts are surprised that Canon still makes cameras. Phones have cameras, why would anyone buy a camera ??? Lots of people use ten-keys everyday. You may even know a few.
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    Canon EOS Rebel SL2 Coming in September [CR2]

    I've always wondered how you knee-cap a camera ??? It doesn't have legs :) Also you can't infect a camera with the polio virus. So how exactly do you cripple a camera ??? Cripple is the wrong word. Cripple = lame.
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    Useless lenses you fell in love with

    GAS can be a real financial drag. Especially the use-once-a-year Big White :( I own a EF-S 10-22mm and an EF 85mm f/1.8 for use with my xxD cameras, and a 50mm f/1.8, plus using the already mentioned EF 85mm f/1.8 for my Elan7n film camera. If I buy the upcoming EOS 6D2, I'll continue to use...
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    Canon EOS Rebel SL2 Coming in September [CR2]

    How about a EF-S 17mm f/4 prime lens (= 27mm FOV)? With the good high ISO performance of the new APS-C sensor, f/4 or even f/5.6 is not a problem. The EF-S 24mm f/2.8 (= 38mm FOV) Is a lot longer than I want/need. The EF-S 10-18mm IS STM, sorta negates the idea of a compact camera. The EF-S...
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    Canon Full Frame Mirrorless Talk [CR1]

    Welcome to the internet :) Where the absurd is the normal state of things. But the multitude thinks it does. And for many perception equals reality :)
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    Canon Full Frame Mirrorless Talk [CR1]

    I use a 90mm T&S for product photography. I guess I'm doing it wrong :) Please don't tell my paying clients :) Internet forums prove the the old axiom that there are more horses asses than there are horses :) Thanks for pointing that out—sometimes I forget :)
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    Canon Full Frame Mirrorless Talk [CR1]

    No interest in a FFMirrorless camera that uses EF lenses. EOS killed the FD lens, and Canon sold EF lenses to the faithful, and all the new Nikon converts. Maybe the EFMirrorless will drive the 5D3 price down :) That would be a good thing.