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    Canon EF-M 11-22mm IS STM "lens hack". Turn it to <10mm!

    I was playing around with my M lenses, and my thoughts took me to the question "why there is so weird collapsing mechanism" on my 11-22mm. So I played with it with thoughts of greatest achievable wide angle, and I found this: 1) When focus is set to infinity, it has slightly wider angle. Cool...
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    Good reason to believe new APS-C cams from Canon use Sony sensor design

    Hi guys. I compared images from M3/760D to my own (M/SL1) and Sony a6000 (with some help of DPR test scene) at ISO 6400 and based on the output it seems to be very clear to me, that Canon uses Sony sensors/tech for their new cameras. Here is some (okay, a bit weak, but let me explain)...