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    Couple of foals showing off for me! or just enjoying theirselves?

    Wish I had taken more, but Watson my dog, is my constant companion on walks had to be restrained because of wild fowl
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    70-200 f2.8 IS mk 2 with 2x extender

    Just received my 70-200 today, to late to really test it as have been so busy, just know it works and focuses fast. A couple of questions, firstly is it any good with the 2x extender ( I have searched, this forum and others, Arthur Morris, birds as art on FM gets brilliant images with this combo...
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    16-35 maybe 17-40

    I am considering one or the other mainly for landscapes, but it could be nice to have f2.8 for the occasional indoor scene, there is a Canon cashback offer in the UK on the 16-35, still more than I would like to pay, but I have learnt in photography you have to pay for quality gear, my other...
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    Filter kit

    I would like a few filters, one to stop the sky, some for longer exposeres of waterfalls or seascapes, my main lens would be the 24-105, and would prefer something on the P system for other lenses. Budget of aprox £100, thanks, Alan
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    Extenders with 5d3

    Looking forward to f8 in April, I have the 100-400L and am wondering which teleconvertor to buy the 1.4 or the 2.0? Canon or Kenko? I suspect 1.4 is the way to go but would love to hear opinions and see some images that may convince me which is best. Regards, Alan