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    Tool/viewer that reads lens serial number from RAW file EXIF for 5D3?

    Does anyone know any viewers or tools that show the lens serial number a RAW shot was taken with on a 5D3? Or does one have to use a hex editor and try to dig it out manually?
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    7D2 - at the end of the day, the best combined reach/action/speed camera

    Sure the low ISO DR is weak for this day and age (although banding is fixed which is very nice) and the video quality.... but just focus on the what the 7D series is most about and what matter most of all for it- a small body with speed, AF, reach and the 7D2, assuming the AF works as well as...
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    39-46MP 1DsX in Oct????

    A weird, unexplained 'hint' from somehow who seems to 'guess' at things fairly well in the past. 40ish MP 1Ds body at Javits Camera show mid-October. I wouldn't bet the farm on it though. No hints either way about improved DR or 4k (the critical elements IMO). EDIT: yeah, I would not bet even...
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    No weekend rumors ever??

    Doesn't anyone else find it odd that the rumors pop up non-stop M-F and then never, ever S-S? I think that alone kinda gives tell to why so few rumors have any truth in them.
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    Dell UP2414Q UHD monitor

    simply amazing!
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    7D2 video

    Now this may well be made up whatever, but at NL, in the post about the 7D2 they added: "I asked about the video and was told that the new sensor can easily best the C100/500, but won't be allowed to." Great. Way to snap defeat from jaws of victory. I wonder if they will reduce liveview...
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    ML RAW Video Tone Curve Photoshop/ACR Workflow FIX

    Basically when you use the Photoshop/ACR workflow to process the RAW DNG folder you have to set working space for ACR to sRGB 16bits which is all fine BUT most people calibrate monitors and TVs to something like gamma 2.2 but you were editing in sRGB and as soon as you take the footage out of...
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    5D3 video new vs. old firmware - might be different after all

    A tweet from J.M. offers this sample of video taken using the internal recorder with the same settings, old vs. new firmware: So maybe I actually was correct in my initial take (a post I since deleted) where I said it looked like the video...
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    ML apparently discovers hook to 'raw' liveview feed Now I don;t know if they will be able to get video out of this but as they say...
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    Amazing new ML firmware for the 5D3! Clean HDMI [DOESN'T WORK!!] Hopefully I have enough posts to get this topic going and not sit in limbo as the two other guys who tried to start it up.
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    1DX the favorite of dark agents everywhere

    spotted the good old 1DX on the season premier of Nikita ;D
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    24-70 II

    Wow, just saw some RAW samples taken on the wide end, stopped down, testing landscape-type performance. And wow they looked good. Never seen any zoom ever deliver that on FF before, well at least not any wide or standard range zoom (some of the 70-200 and 70-300 type zooms have been pretty...
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    5D3 AF - just a few more positive notes on the one shot mode performance

    Some more messing around with 5D3/5D2/7D and 24 1.4 II. The 5D3 definitely handles it the best. Sometimes the others do well with it, but not always. The 5D3 AF has some magic that makes it get a very, very high percentage in focus at all sorts of subject distances and lighting conditions, only...
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    Latest Canon lenses have an ultra-precision AF mode but only some bodies take ad

    surprised this hasn't been posted here yet but: Very interesting results! Any lens older than the 70-200 2.8 IS II did much worse with phase AF consistency than with liveview AF on both bodies, 5D2 and 5D3, no...
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    5D3+1DX (and partly 1D4) enable ultra-precision AF with newest Canon lenses

    surprised this hasn't been posted here yet but: Very interesting results! Any lens older than the 70-200 2.8 IS II did much worse with phase AF consistency than with liveview AF on both bodies, 5D2 and 5D3, no...
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    7D vs 5D3 vs 5D2 well-lit, bright subject reach test (ISO100 and ISO6400)

    Here is a comparison of ISO6400 reach for a bright, well-lit, high contrast subject (the reach advantage for 7D will be less if the subject has dark tones or is in a darker part of the image or you underexpose in general, while it's still very clear, surprisingly, for a bright subject well lit...
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    1DX new all-time low-light king?

    Hard to tell from one test of the sort posted, but wow, the high iso looks impressive. It's shocking, but it might actually beat the 5D3 by a good 2/3 of a stop! I'm not sure if it is even possible to build one that would do better without radically different tech. This may be the best we ever...
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    5D3 profiles and also 5D3 LCD color accuracy vs others

    It seems to me that the 5D3 LCD shows colors slightly more accurately than the 7D and vastly more accurately than the 5D2. It seems to have about the same general accuracy as a stock new iPad using a stock image viewer. Doesn't quite match a well calibrated monitor though, colors are slight bit...
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    A few hours with a 5D3

    The dynamic range on this unit measures even a little bit worse still. a Full 1/3 stop WORSE than my 5D2. Nikon got 2.4 stops better since the 5D2 and Canon got 0.36 worse. :o :'( Nikon has about 5 or 6 recent releases, DX and FF, that just destroy the 5D3 for dynamic range. 5D3 even measured...
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    came across a 5D3 and D800 review (with emphasis on landscapes)